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In line with the theme of the 48th Nutrition Month “New normal na nutrisyon, sama-samang gawan ng solusyon!”, the National Nutrition Council (NNC) held the first-ever online NUTRI-HACKATHON with the theme "Digital Solutions for New Normal Nutrition" from 25 to 28 July 2022.  The Nutri-Hackathon is one of the many strategies employed by the NNC to engage citizens in developing innovative solutions to address national and local nutrition problems.

Eighteen (18) groups from different parts of the country joined forces to develop technology-based interventions within 68 hours. Participants came from diverse backgrounds including students and professionals in the fields of nutrition, information technology, design, and entrepreneurship.

The Nutri-Hackathon had three categorical problems to be solved: (a) nutrition governance, (b) scaling up nutrition, and (c) social and behavior change communication for nutrition. Mentors from the public and private sectors guided the participants during the ideation, development, and pitching processes. The interventions developed were either in the form of a website, mobile application, enhancement of current applications, and virtual reality. Winners will receive a total of Php 445,000.00 in cash prizes.  

The following are the winners and finalists announced during the Nutrition Month Culminating Event last 29 July 2022:


CodeForNutriGov: Team Sulong Nutrisyon designed a web-based app called Project Latayan PH that aims to build an online community of stakeholders to improve the delivery of nutrition services by linking service delivery providers and beneficiaries.

CodeForSUN: Team NutriBUn developed MAMA or Malnutrition Monitoring and Assessment System which is a fully automated, mobile, low-cost data gathering tool on acute malnutrition with a user-friendly interface and an up to date dashboard and databank.

CodeForSBCC: Team NutriFIVE created LIKSI, a mobile application that utilizes a reward system to encourage positive nutrition behaviors which can be implemented in collaboration with local government units. 

Special Awards

Nutrition Worker-Centered Award: Team Never Again created a mobile app called mOPT that aims to support Barangay Nutrition Scholars in automating the recording of weight and height measurements of children during the annual mass nutrition assessment in barangays or Operation Timbang Plus.

Convergence Award: Team SorSU.Glitch made a web application called DSP Monitoring and Management System with Online Local Farmers Market. The app links local farmers and suppliers to local government units implementing Dietary Supplementation Programs (DSP).

Best Web UI.UX Design Award: Team MCSquared came up with E-KAAGAPAY, which stands for Electronic-KAlusugan At GAbay Pang nutrisYon, a web-based interactive learning and development hub that promotes positive behavioral change on nutrition.

Best Pitcher Team NutriFive won for best presentation of their idea. 

Outputs were judged based on relevance to the problem statements, technical feasibility, sustainability, and scalability. Select nutrition experts and practitioners  at the national and local levels as well as app developer and communication experts served as members of the panel of judges.

CJ Aguinaldo and AA Pabro