20160407 172101Giporlos, Eastern Samar – With the intent to decrease malnutirition in Giporlos and as part of its capacity building efforts, the Municipal Nutrition Committee through MNAO Lina S. Go conducted a Training on Basic Course for 20 new Barangay Nutrition Scholars (BNSs) last April 5-8, 2016 at Pagtakhan Beach Resort, Balangiga, Eastern Samar.

The training aims to orient and educate the new BNSs on their roles and functions, core values, and skills they should possess in order for them to perform their tasks effectively and efficiently.

The four (4) day training utilized various learning processes such as role playing, games, table workshops, and group reporting to help them improve their communication, advocacy, presentation, organizing and coordinating skills, and enhance their capacity as a BNS.

Participants gained a lot of insights and knowledge from the speakers composed of Dr. Catalino P. Dotollo Jr., Regional Nutrition Program Coordinator (RNPC) NNC-8, Ms. Kenna Kirstie P. Paz, Nutrition Officer I NNC-8, Ms. Sally Jabinal, Provincial Nutrition Action Officer (PNAO) of Eastern Samar, and Ms. Lina S. Go, Municipal Nutrition Action Officer (MNAO) of Giporlos. – Angelique B. Tamayo

ro-8 EWS-FNS GandaraThis year, the National Nutrition Council chose the municipality of Gandara to be among the project municipalities under Phase 2 of the establishment of Early Warning System for Food and Nutrition Security (EWS-FNS). The municipality of Gandara was chosen on the basis of having the highest malnutrition rate in the province of Samar.

The EWS-FNS is a strategy to capacitate the local government units along nutrition assessment toward achieving food and nutrition security. It further aims to strengthen their capacity for data collection, analysis and interpretation and the use of data for nutrition program planning and decision making. The system enables the communities to act early, based on early warning information available and to counter any threat, natural or human-induced that affects the ability of communities and households to obtain sufficient food.

Before the Household Data Collectors Training for EWS-FNS, a consultative conference was conducted at Hotel Alejandro in Tacloban City on October 22-23, 2015. It was attended by no less than the municipal mayor of Gandara, the Hon. Eufemio Oliva. With Mayor Oliva were selected municipal EWS-FNS core team which was composed of various heads or representative from the offices of Municipal Planning and Development, Social Welfare and Development, Agriculture, Disaster and Risk Reduction Management, Interior and Local Government, Rural Health Unit, Sangguniang Bayan represented by the SB on Health Hon. Beatriz Alvarez and the Nutrition Action Officer Ms. Rolina Oliva.

Himsog meeting presided by President Antonio PueblosTACLOBAN CITY -- The “Harmonized Initiatives of Media for the Spread of Good Nutrition in Region 8” (HIMSoG-8), under the leadership of President Antonio C. Pueblos, DYOG – Calbayog manager, has set two Media-Nutrition Caravans for the remaining period of 2015.

Already into its 5th year, HIMSoG-8 which was given life by National Nutrition Council Region 8 (NNC -8) on August 27, 2010 is the media group partner of the nutrition agency in the fight against hunger and in Promotion of Good Nutrition (PGN) in the region, through media power.

The caravan is among HIMSoG’s nutrition advocacy activities --a measure to see how a certain locality is doing nutritionally, for example why it is lagging behind in health and nutrition, and to document its good practices if it is doing well, for other places to emulate. The activity seeks out the rationale for the Nutrition Situation of the target locality, and to learn how its leaders are managing the situation.

11202602 10205457334178910 1749797042163093277 nTACLOBAN CITY, Nov. 27 (PNA) - The National Nutrition Council (NNC) has recognized on Friday some local government units and individuals that contributed to the effort in lowering down the incidence of malnutrition in Eastern Visayas.
In an awarding ceremony at Patio Victoria, this city, the NNC honored three towns, one village and two local nutrition workers for their significant effort to save children from the effects of malnutrition.

Selected as recipients of 2014 Green Banner Awards are Tarangnan in Samar and Caibiran in Biliran. However, Bobon town in Northern Samar emerged as the outstanding municipality among the 136 towns in the region in terms of nutrition program implementation based on the result of the Regional Nutrition Evaluation Team (RNET), an inter-agency committee.

“I am grateful for this award in our town and this is adding up to the challenge. We’re not satisfied with what we have been doing in the past years for the welfare of our children,” said Bobon Mayor Reny Celespara in a phone interview.

Green Banner is given to the first ranking town in a province in the region that has been adjudged by the inter-agency regional nutrition evaluation team in recognition of efficient implementation of the Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition.

ro8 ngo forumTACLOBAN CITY – Strengthening collaboration with government and non-government organizations (NGOs) in speeding-up the momentum in achieving the targets of the Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition (PPAN) in the localities was the main rationale for the “Regional NGO Forum” conducted at Hotel Alejandro on July 31, 2015, this city.

Linking and working together with NGOs widens the door for partnership and for exploring, testing and scaling up innovations for nutrition improvement--a strategy in Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN), a worldwide movement where the Philippines is now a member.

Further NGOs play a vital role in shaping and implementing various nutrition programs at the community level, thereby there is need to activate, nurture, sustain and scale up collaboration with NGOs for nutrition improvement.

Biliran PNC with HIMSogNAVAL, Biliran, Sept. 15 (PNA) – The National Nutrition Council (NNC) has expressed concern over low birth weight in this province, pointing to lack of health interventions during pregnancy as culprit.                                                                  Out of the 3,962 live births in 2014, 8.3 percent had a weight of less than 2.5 kilograms.


“It’s only eight percent, but these are 328 babies suffering the consequences of malnutrition during infancy,” said Catalino Dotollo, NNC regional nutrition program coordinator.

The official made the statement after the Biliran Provincial Nutrition Committee (PNC) presented the 2014 nutritional status of children to nutrition officials and some journalists in Eastern Visayas.


Rio Rosales, the District Nutrition Program Coordinator (DNPC) vowed to strengthen information drive to compel mothers to seek care from experts during pregnancy.