NPM VillarealVILLAREAL, Samar - The municipality of Villareal in Samar funded a Nutrition Program Management (NPM) Training. The NPM training was squeezed to four days with overtime hours until 6:30 in the afternoon.

The LGU invited resource speakers and facilitators from the National Nutrition Council 8 and from the Provincial Nutrition Office.

The first 3 days tackle the basic concepts of Nutrition Program Management. The training team in its pre-training/workshop meeting agreed to include special sessions on the Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition (PPAN) 2017-2022 and LGU Mobilization for Scaled Up Nutrition Action, Early Childhood Care and Development in the First 1000 Days (ECCD-F1KD), Local Nutrition Functionality Checklist, Monitoring and Evaluation of Local Level Program Implementation (MELLPI) PRO, The Mandanas Garcia Supreme Court Ruling: Opportunities for Nutrition Support and the Nutrition PPAs Inclusion in the Devolution Transition Plan.

On the fourth day, the training-workshop. culminates with the Municipal Nutrition Action Program (MNAP) formulation for 2023-2025. Their MNAP will serve as the backbone for the management of nutrition programs in the LGU.

ROB San miguelPALO, Leyte – The Tutok Kainan Dietary Supplementation Program (TK-DSP) orientation and consultative meeting were done together with San Miguel Municipal Nutrition Action Officer (MNAO) Ms. Maria Diosdevina A. Delmo, San Miguel Municipal Agrarian Reform Program Officer (MARPO) Ms. Leah B. Sacan, Barugo DARMO-ARPT Ms. Emilor G. Ido, DARMO-SARPT Mr. Apolonio Mendoza Jr., DA AT-HVCDP Mr. Nelson L. Colibao, RHU-Nutrition Office staff Ms. Mhadell C. Costello, also during the meeting were ARBO President- Samahan ng mga Magsasaka sa Capilihan (SAMACA) Ms. Remegia D. Labaclado, Farmers' Association President-Hacienda Vegetables Growers Association Mr. Benito S. Astorga.

During the meeting, PNFP Bandibas was able to orient partners in the Tutok Kainan Dietary Supplementation Program, especially on their roles in monitoring and implementation. Marketing agreement, Guidelines on the Engagement with Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries, TK: DSP weekly volume of products was also discussed and given the emphasis on the legal requirements that local partner organizations should possess.

Mayor NacionalMaasin City is the second Nutrition Honor Awardee (NHA) in Eastern Visayas. The Nutrition Honor Award is the highest and most prestigious nutrition award conferred to a local government unit that has increasingly improved further its outstanding performance and held the record in the region for six (6) consecutive years.

In the case of Maasin City, they did it in 12 consecutive years. On the 6th year of the first, the did not make it as they fall short of the percentage points. The city did not dampen their spirit but instead work hard and strategize more effectively to really make it in the second round. True enough, after those 12 years of hurdle they finally make it in the second round.

In the case of Maasin City, they see to it that in their name it has an in for Nutrition. The mayor of the city has its acronym and battle cry “NIKKO ON THE WHEELS”.

IFD marabutMARABUT, Samar-- On March 24, MNAO Verly Jane Orden and Sir Lucky, former BHW turned Nutrition Staff were oriented on the use of the e-OPT 2022.

Part of the discussion of the meeting was regarding the mode of validation (MOVs) done by Marabut in order to validate the e-OPT results. According to Ms. Orden, the HRHs accompany the BNSs during the e-OPT to verify the collection of data through measurement of height/length and weight.

Moreover, for identified cases of malnutrition, verification and follow up visits are done.

The standard quality of anthropometric equipment used, correctness of taking weight, height or length, and proper reading and recording of measurements ensures the validity of data of the e-OPT.

ABL javierJAVIER, Leyte – The Tutok Kainan Dietary Supplementation Program (TK-DSP) is one of the programs under the Early Childhood Care and Development in the First 1000 Days (ECCD F1KD).

It aims to contribute to the prevention of stunting among children 0-23months old by improving the quality and quantity of food and nutrient intakes and utilization of related RCCD F1KD services among nutritionally at-risk pregnant women and children 6-26months old in its target areas.

The program also seeks to provide to its beneficiaries ready-to-eat food commodities that are within the recommended caloric and nutrient contents based on the Guidelines on Dietary Supplementation for the First 1000 Days of life.

To ensure sustainability of the program and to support local farmers, NNC are tapping Regional Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Organizations (ARBOs) as direct seller of farm products in coordination with the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR).

In a short meeting with the JAVEGA President Ms. Rowena C. Almedora and Agrarian Reform Program Officer 1 (ARPO1) Mr. Percival Maballo, PNFP Limbagan gave a brief overview on TK-DSP to include presentation of the weekly cycle menu, list of commodities, payment methods and documentary requirements for the ARBO to comply.

Joan RUTFPALO, Leyte - As part of the Regional Nutrition Cluster (RNCL) Response for Typhoon Odette, the National Nutrition Council has coordinated with UNICEF for the transfer of Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food from Catanduanes.

Ms. Joan Goanzales, Information Management Officer, accompanies members of the Provincial Health Office and Provincial Nutrition Committee in distributing the commodities in the towns of Matalom, Bato, Hilongos, Hindang, Inopacan, and Mahaplag on March 21, 2022.

In addition, the recipients were oriented on the PIMAM reporting system for the outpatient therapeutic care and management of moderately and severely wasted children aged 6-69 months.