Dawahon BatoHINDANG, Leyte - Almost a month after the wrath of Typhoon Odette that strucked down the entire Southern Leyte and the 5th District of Leyte including this isolated islet in Bato, Leyte named Brgy. Dawahon Island.

While the sea is already serene, by the looks of it at a distance one can say that the islet really was a victim of typhoon’s devastation.

Close to 999 families in 770 households were affected and almost displaced which necessitate assistance from local and national governments, non-government organizations, civil society organizations, and even international humanitarian organizations.

The usual cough and colds were the major diseases noted by the response team. While based on 2021 Operation Timbang (OPT) revealed around 64 combine cases of MAM and SAM.

Said OPT result has yet to be updated with first-quarter OPT. Upon rounds in the entire barangay, there were cases of iron deficiency anemia among 6-59 months old children.

In spite of the typhoon's wrath, the residents showed their resilience by better anticipation of disasters and better planning to reduce disaster losses—rather than waiting for an event to occur and paying for it afterward. However, building the culture and practice of disaster resilience is not simple or inexpensive.

Mahaplag PIMAMMAHAPLAG, Leyte - The Regional Nutrition Cluster led by Dr. Catalino P. Dotollo, Jr. together with Leyte Provincial Nutrition Focal Points-Leyte and Development Management Officer IV Ms. Suzette B. Arcillas conducts Philippine Integrated Management of Acute Malnutrition crash course for health and nutrition workers including Barangay Nutrition Scholars and Barangay Health Workers.

Earlier, the three DOH 8 and NNC 8 staff paid a courtesy visit to Mahaplag, Leyte Mayor Daisy Abuyabor- Lleve and explain the visit such as the conduct of the PIMAM crash course among its health and nutrition workers. DMO IV Ms. Suzette B. Arcillas told the lady mayor about the availability of jerry cans to be withdrawn from DOH CHD 8 anytime next week.

RNA Southern LeytePALO, Leyte - The National Nutrition Council in EasternVisayas together with UNICEF conducted Nutrition Initial Needs Assessment (NINA) in response to Typhoon Odette to municipalities of Southern Leyte.

The team consists of 3 groups and was assigned to different municipalities that will coordinate to Municipal Nutrition Action Officers (MNAOs) of their respective areas to assess and gather nutrition data.

Team 3 conducted Mid-Upper Arm Circumference to various barangays as identified the highest cases of children with Moderately and Severly wasted in the Municipalities of Liloan and San Francisco with the help of Municipal midwife and Barangay Nutrition Scholars (BNS).

St. Bernard PIMAMHINDANG, Leyte - The National Nutrition Council (NNC) has begun its 4-day crash course series on Philippine Integrated Management of Acute Malnutrition in typhoon-hit Southern Leyte.

As the lead agency of the Regional Nutrition Cluster (RNCL), NNC technical staff were deployed starting Tuesday, covering the towns of Sogod, Libagon, St. Bernard, Macrohon, Padre Burogs and Maasin City.

The PIMAM crash course series is part of the RNCL response after Typhoon Odette battered the province in mid-December last year.

It aims to equip RHU personnel and Barangay Nutrition Scholars (BNS) basic knowledge on the proper management of l8SAM and MAM cases, more importantly in times of disasters.

During the latest RNCL meeting on Monday, UNICEF reported that the first batch of RUTF has already been delivered in the province and more will arrive in the next days, including micronutrient powder.

On January 12 to 13, NNC team headed by RNPC Catalino Pm Dotollo, Jr. will cover towns in the Pacific area, Panaon Island and Dawahon Island in Bato, Leyte.

On the last day of the crash course series, January 14, the technical team will cover the the fifth district of Leyte and the remaining towns of Southern Leyte. #PNFP-GAS
cash aidPALO, Leyte - Typhoon Odette on December 16, 2021, devastated some parts of Leyte and the entire Southern Leyte. Public infrastructure, utilities, and crops were severely damaged. Not spared from the wrath of TY Odette were three of NNC 8 staff.

RNPC Dr. Catalino P. Dotollo, Jr’s gazebo, exit door, and dirty kitchen were totally blown away and one room on the third floor was also totally wreaked and also blown away in the neighborhood’s vacant lot.

PNFP Annabel B. Limbagan’s living and bedroom were hit by an uprooted coconut tree, though they were able to transfer to another house for safety.

Meanwhile, PNFP Ramel O. Bandibas’ house is located in Brgy. Paku in Maasin City has been partially damaged especially the roof. He arrived home from NNC 8 office the following day and saw his mother crying.
While they feel the damage brought by the typhoon, the three together with the other unaffected staff reported to the office, Monday, December 20, 2021, to conduct and attend Regional Nutrition Cluster and subsequent Rapid Nutrition Initial Needs Assessment (NINA) and response.

RNGP Module 2PALO, Leyte - Amid the continuing threat of the COVID 19 pandemic compounded by the recent devastation of Typhoon Odette that struck the entire of Southern Leyte and part of Leyte particularly 5th District, selected staff of both DOH 8 NNC 8 attends the 4-day hybrid training on Regional Nutrition Governance Program (RNGP) Module 2.

The training carries the theme “Deepening Leadership: Sustaining Gains and Managing Change for the First 1000 Days ((F1KD).

The RNGP is one of the sub-component of the project through Zuellig Family Foundation (ZFF) in cooperation with UNICEF and funded by Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).

The project is currently implemented in regions 8 and 9 with the provincial government of Samar, North Samar, and Zamboanga Fely Norte. In its implementation in the mentioned provinces, the project is entitled “Integrated Nutrition and Health Actions in First 1000 Days: Improving the lives of vulnerable children and women”.

RNGP provided relevant inputs both technical and leadership to the provincial and municipal Local Chief Executive and its core team members.

Moreover, the RNGP aims to engage the regional partners and stakeholders in the development and sustainability of the integrated 1000 days intervention at the LGU level. It will focus on addressing Adaptive and Technical challenges internally that affect the harmonization of DOH-CHD and NNC regional offices on nutrition and the First 1000 Days intervention in the covered LGUs.

Meanwhile, both RNPC Dr. Catalino P. Dotollo, Jr and Ms. Nimfa Ekong presented the comparative data on wasting and stunting in the years 2019 and 2020. Also presented were the harmonization point and particular milestones of RNGP module 1 in terms of support to LGUs. Likewise, the remaining challenges of the project implementation were discussed by the RNPCs.

The RNGP module 2 hopes to enhance further the foundational Bridging Leadership competencies of the regional core team as the technical authority in sustaining gains and achievements in harmonizing health and nutrition-related intervention to help improve nutrition and F1KD system in the project sites. #NPC-CPD