2022 Cheating MealBindoy, Negros Oriental – It’s now the Christmas season! It means year-end parties and events. Nowadays, having a slim and toned arm, flat stomach, and perfectly toned body is now a trend because of social media. While choosing the right routine to lose weight might be challenging because you must plan and stick to new habits. Sometimes, we cannot deny the fact that we crave and miss the foods we want to eat. And when you already had it, the guilt rushes in and it seems like you already committed a sin because deep down in yourself you know that you’re cheating. Is cheating, okay?

Cheating is really scary, then have a cheat meal instead. According to Northwestern Medicine, after a cheat meal, our body increases Leptin, the “anti-starvation” hormone responsible for sending hunger messages in our brain which causes the food to burn calories faster. So, it gives some tricks thinking the food we ate is enough. So yes! Cheating a meal is okay.

Cheat meals give us a break from strict eating. Having a planned scheduled cheat meal is good because it also helps prevent binges, and reduce cravings, and any feelings of deprivation. However, don't betray yourself by overindulging in cheat meals as it can rapidly destroy all your hard work. And if you do mess up and indulge in overeating, get right back on track, and use the experience to improve and make better choices on the next cheat meal. // ND II Jhianne Mae Nicole C. Tugaoen, RND