2022 Wellness Christmas GiftDumanjug, Cebu – As we approach this holiday season, we think of travel, family gatherings, favorite seasonal flavors, and, of course, gifts. But finding the perfect gift for friends and family can be difficult. Especially if you want to give a thoughtful gift.

When it comes to meaningful Christmas gifts, health and wellness products are a good option to think of. These gifts show that you care about the overall health of your receiver and can be what your friends and family members need to splurge themselves and feel valued. Some of the best budget wellness gifts include gifts of calming aromas, pain remedies, movie or concert tickets, books of inspiring stories, motivational videos, or simply a gift of time.

2022 InsulinSibonga, Cebu – Costus igneus is an herbaceous plant found in tropical regions. In India, the Philippines, Central America, and the Caribbean. It is commonly known as insulin plant because of its anti-diabetic properties. Insulin plant, stepladder, and spiral plume are some of the names given to this plant, known by its botanical name as Chamaecostus cuspidatus. Consisting of nearly 150 species, costus are the largest of the family.  Although the plant is native to America, it grows densely and is found mainly in tropical climates.

In 2015, the insulin plant gained popularity in the Philippines because of its health benefit especially in lowering blood sugar naturally and safely.

202 Importance NutritionCLusterCebu CityIn response to nutrition disasters or emergencies, the cluster approach is one of the efforts adopted by the government for emergency response and preparedness in relation to malnutrition. These nutrition clusters focus on the preparation and effective response for preventing the worsening of malnutrition when the calamity arises.

One of the nutrition clusters' main concerns during an emergency is the vulnerable groups that include infants, children, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, older persons, persons with disabilities, and people with debilitating conditions who are more prone to undernutrition due to certain constraints as disaster results in.

2022 NAO RolesBohol Province – The Nutrition Action Officers (NAOs) are considered the prime movers of the nutrition program in the local government. They are administratively supervised by their local chief executive (LCE) and technically supervised by the nutrition personnel in the next higher position, for example, the Provincial Nutrition Action Officer (PNAO) supervising the Municipal Nutrition Action Officer (MNAO). On the other hand, as NAOs, they supervise the nutrition workers in the position below them.

As orchestrators of the nutrition program in the areas, they ensure that the local nutrition committee (LNC) under their jurisdiction is fully functional, and make certain the performance of the following indicators:

2022 Weight LossTayasan, Negros Oriental - Foods that are consumed have nutrients in it. Nutrients are important in our body to function effectively and maintain good health.  But how does the body absorb nutrients from food? The digestive system breaks down food into tiny pieces as it passes through the gastrointestinal tract (GI) by using the following:

Mouth. When chewing, the digestive process starts in mouth. Saliva is a digestive juice produced by salivary glands that helps food travel more readily through your esophagus and into the stomach by moistening it. Another enzyme found in saliva starts to break down the starches in food.

2022 Move More EverydayBarili, Cebu – Here are 10 ways to move more during everyday life, without having to block more time out of your busy schedule!

1. Take the stairs
Climbing the stairs instead of the elevator will get your heart rate up, improve your balance, and build strength in your lower extremities. If you're feeling naughty and have a few minutes, you can lift your heels off the edge of the stairs to strengthen your calves, or even walk him two steps at a time.

2. Incorporate walking meetings
If you're working from home or switched to a virtual conference call, schedule a walk during your daily calls. When you don't have to stare at a screen or a spreadsheet, plug in your headphones, put your phone in your pocket and solve the world's problems while you walk. A great way to spice up your everyday life.