RO9 20203rdWebbyPart of the 3rd Management Conference held on 15 to 17 December 2020 was the 3rd Quarter Webby Awards conducted virtually via Zoom on 17 December 2020 where the National Nutrition Council Region 9 was awarded AGAIN as the winner for the NNC-Q Webby Award for the Highest Number of Articles Posted. NNC 9 posted in the regional webpage 27 articles for the 3rd quarter.

NNC 9 won the same award during the 2nd Quarter Webby Awards and posted 32 articles and was able to maintain the same award during the 3rd Quarter Webby Awards. This was followed by Region 10 and Region 7 as the first and second runners up, respectively.

All awards were solely adjudged on website and Facebook analytics and the regional office who registered the highest number of statistics for each of the award every quarter shall be declared the winner, 1st and 2nd runners up.

NNC 9 is truly grateful to the National Nutrition Council Management and the Web Team for this recognition. This award truly motivates us as well as all regional offices to do better and improve the management of the websites and social media pages.

To view articles of NNC 9, you may go to this link:


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