NSOA Lanuza August2022Butuan City- Twenty-five graduates from seven barangays in Lanuza finished the Nutrition School on the Air (NSOA) on 4 August 2022 at Surf Camp Training Center, Lanuza, Surigao del Sur.

10 Kumainments Nutrition on the Air (NSOA) a radio program advocating the Filipino guidelines on good nutrition gathered mothers, particularly lactating mothers in the Municipality of Lanuza from June to July 2022.

Participants were able to familiarize the 10 Kumainments and was able to hear from the airing sample of foods rich in nutrients but are available in the community.

In her welcome message, Ms. Celsa Casa, shared the message on behalf of Mayor Marvin T. Azarcon. She emphasized that raising good children is raising a good community. And that the information learned from the NSOA should be put in practice.

Meanwhile, Vice Mayor Charlyn Literato cheered up the participants and encouraged to eat vegetables daily.

NPM SDS AUG4Butuan City- Sangguniang Bayan (SB) members of the different municipalities in Surigao del Sur shared same the vision to push for nutrition as one of their priorities in the Council, term 2022-2025.

The commitment sparked after which Nutrition Program Management imparted to the newly elected officials and their nutrition action officers and coordinators on 4 August 2022 at Shacene Pension House and Restaurant, Tandag City, Surigao del Sur (SDS).

Bayabas SB Member Madelyn Lozada expressed gratitude for including the SB handling the Committee on Health and Nutrition. The orientation opened our hearts to identifying strategies and measures to reduce the alarming malnutrition situation, she added.

Dr. Nino Archie S. Labordo, Officer-in-Charge of the National Nutrition Council Caraga shared the topic of Why Invest in Nutrition. Dr. Labordo discussed one by one the seven (7) compelling reasons on why invest on nutrition.

LNEWS June2022Prosperidad, ADS– As part of the nutrition surveillance function of the National Nutrition Council, a Program Implementation Review (PIR) on Local Nutrition Early Warning System on Food and Nutrition Security (LNEWS-FNS) was conducted by National Nutrition Council Caraga in the month of June this year.  

The areas included in the activity were the municipalities of San Francisco and Talacogon of the Province of Agusan del Sur.

In the assessment of LNEWS-FNS implementation process, it was revealed that plotting and announcement of LNEWS-FNS schedules during the Barangay Nutrition Committee (BNC) meeting facilitated the data collection. Hence, the involvement of BNC members also paved way for the involvement of Purok leaders, kagawad, midwife/s, nurse/s, day care workers and volunteer health workers in data gathering, validation, analysis and consolidation.

The data gathered in the LNEWS-FNS served as a basis in food security and in nutrition planning by identifying the priority areas and groups. Prioritization of program beneficiaries among malnourished children was made easier as it includes information on food and nutrition security status of the household.

ADS NMCulmination22Prosperidad, ADS – Provincial Nutrition Committee (PNC) members, Nutrition Action Officers (NAOs) and about five hundred (500) Barangay Nutrition Scholars of Agusan del Sur convened to celebrate the Provincial Nutrition Month Culmination on 21 July 2022 at Datu Lipus Makapandong Cultural Center, D.O Plaza Government Center, Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur.

OIC-Regional Nutrition Program Coordinator (RNPC) Dr. Niño Archie S. Labordo of National Nutrition Council (NNC) Caraga together with Development Management Officer II Mariella P. Rayco graced the event.

OIC-RNPC Labordo expressed his appreciation to the Local Chief Executives for the support and for making nutrition as one of the priority agenda.

Messages in support of the Nutrition Month Culmination and in the Nutrition Programs were given by various personalities. Among them are from the Representative of Regional Director Cesar C. Cassion of Department of Health Caraga, Representative of Governor Santiago B. Cane, Jr. of the Province of Agusan del Sur, Representative of Mayor Kirk A. Asis, City Mayor of Bayugan City and Representative of Dr. Jacqueline Frances F. Momville, Provincial Health Officer II of Provincial Health Office. Other personalities present in the event were the officials of the 14 Local Government Units (LGUs) including the Barangay Captains, Kagawad on Health, civil society and other stakeholders.

ADS BNS SummitTrentoProsperidad, ADS – Around five hundred (500) Barangay Nutrition Scholars (BNS) from the different Local Government Units (LGUs) of the Province of Agusan del Sur (ADS) convened at Big Times Resort, Lianga, Surigao del Sur for the Provincial Barangay Nutrition Scholars’ Summit on 22 July 2022.

After two years of face-to-face restrictions, the Provincial BNS Federation and Nutrition Action Officers Association of the Province decided to hold a convention to reignite  companionship among nutrition workers in the new normal setting.

Moreover, the Provincial Nutrition Action Officer (PNAO), Ms. Laniebelle Angchangco said that being the frontliners for nutrition at the local level, BNSs well deserved this summit to unwind and be energized.

One of the anticipated parts of this event is the Tiktok Challenge and Zumba Competition that showcased the talents and teamwork of the Barangay Nutrition Scholars of the 13 municipalities and 1 city.

RosarioADS awardeeProsperidad, ADS – All thirteen (13) municipalities and one (1) city of the Province of Agusan del Sur joined in support of the Provincial Nutrition Month Culmination and Awarding Ceremony on 21 July 2022 at Datu Lipus Makapandong Cultural Center, D.O Plaza Government Center, Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur.

Provincial Nutrition Action Officer Laniebelle T. Angchangco shared that aside from capacitating the Barangay Nutrition Scholars in the Summit, Local Government Units (LGUs) shall be recognized for their support in nutrition program implementation.

Among the municipalities of the Province of Agusan del Sur, the local government of Rosario emerges as the municipality with the most awards from the two province-wide evaluation namely, Evaluation on Food Production and Sanitation (EFPSAN) and Monitoring and Evaluation on Local Level Implementation Protocol (MELLPI Pro).

The following are the awards given to the Municipality of Rosario:

2021 Provincial Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Scholar – Ladypril V. Basibas of Wasi-an, Rosario, Agusan del Sur.