NPM training-minThe Local Government Unit of San Francisco, Agusan Del Sur conducted a training on Nutrition Program Management held at the Municipal Evacuation Center of Barangay-IV, San Francisco on September 5-6, 2017. It was attended by 86 participants from the members of barangay nutrition committees of the municipalities and barangay nutrition scholars. The training on Nutrition Program Management will guide the nutrition committees and BNSs on how to effectively plan, implement, coordinate, monitor, evaluate and sustain nutrition programs, in the context of the overall local governance and development system. Barangay Nutrition Action Plan (BNAP) is one of the outputs to be produced by the participants, which is very essential in their implementation of nutrition programs.

Municipal mayor Jenny D. De Asis welcomed the participants in the two-day training with the invited resource speakers from the NNC Caraga Regional Office and Agusan del Sur Provincial Nutrition Office. Concepts in Food and Nutrition, Phases of Nutrition Program Management and its integration to the local governance and Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition (PPAN) 2017-2022 were some of the topics discussed.  The two-day training strengthened the roles and commitment of the Barangay Nutrition Committees. Throughout the training the participants showed their eagerness to learn in combating malnutrition. At the end of the training, the barangay nutrition committee chairperson received seedlings from the Municipal Nutrition Office.

The municipality of San Francisco has received the Regional Green Banner Award for the Municipal Level for 2 consecutive years (2014-215). This year, they are vying for the Consistent Regional Outstanding Winner on Nutrition (CROWN) Award, this award is given to LGUs who received green banner awards for 3 successive years. We wish you, San Francisco good luck!


Author: NO II Panes/NO III Vargas

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The members of the National Evaluation Team (NET) headed by Ms. Hygiea Ceres Gawe of NNC together with Ms. Annalee Rebendido, Mr. Daniel Salunga and Mr. Michael Padlan from NEDA conducted monitoring and evaluation of local level plan implementation (MELLPI) on nutrition program of the province of Agusan del Sur on August 14-18, 2017. The NNC Caraga technical staff assisted the NET during the evaluation. The team was welcomed by the members of the Provincial Nutrition Committee and Provincial Nutrition Action Officer Ms. Laniebelle T. Angchangco. Being the Green Banner Awardee for three (3) consecutive years and awarded with the 1st year Consistent Regional Outstanding Winner in Nutrition (CROWN) award in 2016 by the National Nutrition Council, Agusan del Sur is now vying for their 2nd Year CROWN Maintenance Award. To be awarded with the 2nd year Crown Maintenance Award, a local government unit (LGU) should have reached a score of 95% based on the National Evaluation Team.
Four randomly selected barangays from the municipalities of San Luis and San Francisco and 3 barangays from the municipality of Rosario were visited as part of the evaluation. Validation weighing was conducted as the team weighed 10% of the total pre-school children in each barangay prioritizing the nutritional status of underweight, severely underweight and overweight pre-school children. Desk review and interview with the Barangay Nutrition Committees (BNCs) were also done to assess and evaluate their nutrition program implementation. The National Evaluation Team (NET) also visited project sites to validate the projects and programs implemented.
The feedbacking was held on the last day, August 18, 2017 at the FDAI Compound Hygiea Government Center, Patin-ay Agusan del Sur. It was attended by the Provincial, municipal and barangay nutrition committees. The members of the NET presented their initial findings and the action points that should be taken to address the nutrition situation present in their locality. They also commended the strong support of the provincial nutrition committee under the leadership of Governor Adolf Edward Plaza. Recommendations were cited to enhance the performance of the Municipal Nutrition Committees as well as the Barangay Nutrition Committees in the implementation of Nutrition Programs and Projects.

San Francisco Nutrition and Disaster Consciousness Month Culmination 2017NNC Caraga attended the 2017 Nutrition Month and Disaster Consciousness Month Culmination Program and Awarding Ceremony of San Francisco, Agusan del Sur. The Culmination was held at the FYTC San Francisco Gymnasium, Agusan del Sur. It was packed with activities such as Jingle Contest, Poem Making Contest, Cooking Contest, Poster Making Contest and Container Gardening Contest which were participated by students from different schools of San Francisco, parents and Barangay Nutrition Committees. The Municipal Nutrition Committee was also there headed by the Municipal Mayor Jenny de Asis which is also the Chairperson of the Municipal Nutrition Committee.

NO III Leah Vina P. Vargas was as one of the resource speaker and she discussed the Nutrition Month Theme: Healthy Diet Gawing Habit - for Life! San Francisco Mayor De Asis also rendered a speech on the importance of good nutrition to the overall well-being of an individual. She served as a good role model not just on the healthy diet as well as on active lifestyle. The LGU allotted time for Zumba sessions to be participated by the personnel and their constituents. The winners of the different contests were announced at the end of the program.


Author: NO I Atienza/ NO III Vargas

bayugan nutmomnthThe local government in Bayugan City celebrated the 43rd Nutrition Month and conducted a "Saktong Iodine sa Asin" Sangkap Pinoy  Diamond Seal Launching last July 28, 2017 in Bayugan City Gymnasium.  It was participated by the different members of the City Nutrition Committee (CNC), students, parents and teachers from various schools. The celebration started with motorcade and Zumba exercise. The City Nutrition Office also coordinated with the Bayugan City Division on the different contest such as cooking contest, poster making contest, quiz ball, jingle contest and pinoy henyo for the parents. NNC Caraga NO II Karlyn Rose B. Panes attended as the resource speaker on the 2017 Nutrition Month Theme " Healthy Diet Gawing Habit for Life". She gave emphasis on the principles of healthy diet and its importance. She also added some tips on how to promote healthy diet in different settings.

The Bayugan City Nutrition Committee also showed their support on the campaign of enough level of iodine in the salt through the unveiling of "Saktong Iodine sa Asin" Diamond Seal during the Nutrition Month Celebration.  The ceremonial unveiling strengthens and revitalized the existing Sangkap Pinoy seal. The quality seal will serve as a guide to consumers in identifying and purchasing adequately iodized salt. Salt sold in the market should have at least 30 to 70 ppm level of iodine to be considered as adequately iodized. Iodine is an essential micronutrient and component of thyroxin which control normal functioning of the brain and body. 

Author: NO II Panes/NO III Vargas

RNTWGThe National Nutrition Council – Caraga, conducted the 2nd Qaurter Regional Nutrition Technical Working Group Meeting, last June 28, 2017 at Hotel Luciana, Butuan City. It was participated by representatives from National Line Agencies and LGUs of Caraga. The Regional Nutrition TWG has new members from the different Provincial/City Health Offices for them to share their technical expertise in the improvement of the nutrition program implementation in the regional and local level. The meeting started with a prayer, led by NO II Karlyn Rose B. Panes, followed by acknowledgement of participants.

NO III Leah Vina P. Vargas welcomed RNTWG specially the new members, PHOs and CHOs. The topics covered during the meeting were the following: National Nutrition Council and its mandates, Nutrition Month 2017 theme and DepEd Department Order No. 13 series of 2017. NNC Caraga also shared ideas of what activities that can be conducted by the LGUs during the Nutrition Month on July. NO III Vargas also gave an orientation on the Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition (PPAN) 2017-2022. The participants also asked questions, clarifications, and gave their valued opinions about the subject matter. 

bislig CNC Meeting July 17,2017 in Bislig City Hall Conference Room  NNC 13 attended the City Nutrition Committee Meeting held at the Conference Room, City Hall of Bislig last July 17, 2017. It was attended by the members of the City Council presided by Councilor Perdito Sulapas, representatives from the City Health Office, CSWD and City Nutrition Office. NOIII Leah Vina P. Vargas discussed the guidelines on Operation Timbang Plus. OPT Plus includes the height measurement aside from the weighing of children for more comprehensive assessment on their nutritional status. She gave emphasis on the important roles of the OPT team. She also shared the different activities to be conducted before, during and after the Operation Timbang plus. 

 The City Nutrition Council pledged to increase the funds in supplementary feeding and will work hand in hand to prioritize families with malnourished children. It is indeed, that active cooperation and functional City Nutrition Committee is very essential in ensuring that nutrition and nutrition-related services are delivered to the target beneficiaries specially to the most vulnerable groups: families with malnourished infant and young children, pregnant, lactating mothers and the elderly.



Author: NO II Panes/NO III Vargas