RTWG Meeting Nov122021BUTUAN City- In a meeting conducted on Friday 12 November 2021 at the Almont Inland Resort this city, members of the Regional Technical Working Group (RTWG) on nutrition conveyed their support and participation as shepherds on the National Nutrition Council’s Shepherding Project.

The Shepherding Project is a local government unit (LGU) mobilization strategy of NNC that aims to mentor low performing local government units on effective nutrition program management, and encourage the sharing and adoption of good practices in nutrition program management.

In his discussion, OIC NPC Dr. Nino Archie Labordo invited each RTWG members to join with the reconstitution of the Regional Nutrition Shepherding Team (RNST) which role is very important in the upliftment of a better local government unit effective in nutrition program implementation.

In 2015, NNC organized the Caraga Regional Nutrition Management Action Team (RNMAT) whose function is to conduct “mentoring and coaching” through its Mentoring, Assisting, Coaching (MAC) Project among the provincial/city/municipal nutrition committees of the local government units.

Nov 14 World Diabetes DayIn the year 1921, there was a life-saving discovery that made a breakthrough in the history of medicine. Dr. Frederick G. Banting and Dr. John J. R. Macleod discovered the beneficial effects of pancreatic extracts on pancreatic diabetes. Later on, Dr. Macleod called the pancreatic extract “insulin” for the first time during the meeting of the Association of American Physicians in Washington D.C. Since then, insulin made good changes to the life of people with diabetes that made the two doctors awarded with Nobel Prize for the discovery on insulin.

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), diabetes mellitus ranked fourth as the leading cause of death in the country from January to December 2020. In the Western Pacific, the Philippines ranks fifth in the number of individuals with diabetics.

Diabetes mellitus remains one of the leading causes of death despite the discovery of insulin and other diabetes care components. This happened because many of the Filipinos do not have access to diabetes care. Most of them have inadequate knowledge about diabetes and diabetes care, financial constraints, unhealthy lifestyle, and currently battling to survive against the pandemic.

People with diabetes require an uninterrupted access to treatment, care, education and monitoring to manage their life-long condition. However, the pandemic created another huge barrier to access these.

According to the Journal of the ASEAN Federation of Endocrine Societies, most people with diabetes are in low- and middle-income class and the loss of income and livelihood during the enhanced community quarantine makes them incapable of securing their medications. Fortunately, there is a healthcare delivery system called Telemedicine where there is physician-patient interaction through information and communication technologies, allowing for the analysis of subjective complaints, blood glucose levels, and the provision of treatment, lifestyle advice, medication adjustments and sick day guidelines. Nevertheless, this approach can only cater those people that can afford internet connection.

BNAP San Francisco Nov 10BUTUAN City - Twenty-seven (27) barangays of the Municipality of San Francisco, Agusan del Sur received technical assistance on the integration of the nutrition related programs, projects and activities in the 2022 Barangay Nutrition Action Plan (BNAP) last 26-29 October 2021 at Aidyl’s Place in the said town.

The training workshop provided an avenue for the Barangay Nutrition Committee (BNC) to identify sectoral PPAs and integrate to the different development plans at the barangay level. Each of the participating barangays were able to show the different forms of malnutrition through the nutrition problem tree, capture priority interventions and identify fund sources for the implementation of the plan in 2022.

Prior to the workshop proper, the facilitators provided inputs to include: nutrition program management, investing in nutrition, and simulation exercises in the formulation of BNAP.  Resource persons of the activity were from NNC Nutrition Officer II Aldrin Atienza, Agusan del Sur PNAO Laniebelle Angchangco, and San Francisco OIC-MNAO Charlaine Ayessa Rubillos.

NPM ADN Nov9BUTUAN City – Provincial Nutrition Office (PNO) of the Agusan del Norte Province organized and conducted a three-day Nutrition Program Management (NPM) Training on 8-10 November 2021 at the Gazebo Pools and Restaurant, Cabadbaran City, Agusan del Norte.

Participated in by the members of the Provincial Nutrition Committee, some Municipal Nutrition Action Officers and their Barangay Nutrition Scholars. The training discussed topics on Legal Basis for Nutrition Actions, Principles, Characteristics and Uses of Nutrition Program Management, Local Nutrition Committee Functionality, Formulation of Nutrition Situation Analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation, MELLPI Pro, and the Mandanas Garcia Supreme Court Ruling.

In her welcome message, Division Chief of the Nutrition and Population Division of Agusan del Norte Province, Ms. Alfie Semonette Pabillore reminded the participants that nutrition related programs projects and activities should be packaged along with other government plans and services.

Thus, form part of the training outputs is the updated local nutrition situation, identified priority nutrition interventions and workplan budgets.

DSP ADS Nov 10BUTUAN  City – Series of roll out orientations on Tutok Kainan- Dietary Supplementation Program- Tutok Kainan (TK-DSP) conducted to beneficiaries in the Province of Surigao del Sur with the National Nutrition Council taking the lead from October 18, 19, 25 and 28, 2021.

Joining the priority areas in the said province are the municipalities of Bayabas, Carrascal, Lanuza, Lingig, and San Agustin. The said identified areas were oriented on the 180 days TK-DSP implementation, TK-DSP advocacy activities, project components, commodities and the mode of distribution, TK Nutritext blasting and including the monitoring and reporting system.

Likewise, overview on the teaching modules of the Idol ko si Nanay was included as nutrition and learning sessions for the mothers and caregivers.

Present during the orientation are from NNC Ms. Julianne Janine Carrillo, the Provincial Nutrition Focal Point (PNFP) as lead facilitator, and with the Provincial Nutrition Action Officer Ms. Ermelinda Ascarez and the Municipal Nutrition Action Officers namely: Elme Indoyon, Leonida Lagunda, Maria Hanalee Cubero, Maryl Masaglang, and Melany Luengas.

BNS ADN Nov11Cabadbaran City- Sixteen (16) of the Barangay Nutrition Scholar Federation leaders had an audience meeting with the new Officer-in-Charge of NNC Caraga region, Dr. Nino Archie S. Labordo on Wednesday, 10 November 2021 at Gazebo Pools and Restaurant, Cabadbaran City, Agusan del Norte.

OIC NPC Dr. Labordo took the opportunity to convene the members and officers of the Agusan del Norte Provincial BNS Federation while having the Nutrition Program Management training organized by the Provincial Nutrition Office of Agusan del Norte. The meet and greet shared updates on Federation membership, medical and survivorship assistance and travelling allowance, requirements for the BNS ID and discussed on some issues and concerns at the community level.

In order to sustain the skills of the BNSs, OIC NPC Labordo encouraged to upgrade their learning through active participation in meetings, trainings and seminars. For 2022, OIC NPC Labordo shared to include the Idol ko si Nanay training for nutrition workers and shepherding project for BNSs.