ADS PIR2021Bayugan City- On 14 December, 2021 the Agusan del Sur Prime movers composed of the Provincial Nutrition Committee, the Nutrition Action Officers Association, and the Barangay Nutrition Scholars Federation convened for a program implementation review at the Agriculture New Building Office, Bayugan City, Agusan del Sur.

The yearly activity was focused on the programs, projects and activities implemented by the local nutrition committee.

PNAO Angchangco commended the accomplishments of the nutrition prime movers even with the threat of the pandemic. Some of the few accomplishments are the related trainings condcuted, the functionality of local nutrition committees, active submissions of reports and the completion of the implemented programs and activities for the year.

BNS Fed ADSOathBayugan City- On December 14, 2021 Officers of the Barangay Nutrition Scholars (BNS) Federation in Agusan del Sur and the Bayugan City BNS Federation took oath of office before the City Mayor of Bayugan who at the same time the Chairperson of the Social Development Committee, Mayor  Kirk A. Asis in Bayugan City, Agusan del Sur.

The following are the inducted officers of the Provincial and Bayugan City BNS Federation:

Provincial BNS Federation

President                     :           Jeric Delima – Prosperidad

Vice President             :           Rose DePaz – San Francisco

Secretary                     :           Jelly Curato – Talacogon

Treasurer                   :           Nancy Villanueva – Veruela

Auditor                       :           Daniela Lebre – San Luis

PIO                            :           Mabel Mercado – Sta. Josefa

Business Manager    :           Wilma Olubalang – Sibagat

Tandag CCMButuan City- As the PAG-ASA forecast identified Caraga region as area to be affected by tropical storm Odette, the NNC Caraga released through a Regional Nutrition Cluster Advisory No. 06-003 re Nutrition Cluster Preparation for the Potential Impact of Tropical Cyclone Odette on 14 December 2021.

The advisory encourages for the Provincial/City/Municipal Nutrition Cluster to activate its respective Nutrition Clusters and closely monitor the weather condition and be ready for the possible impact of the rainfall particularly to the affected households in the area which may cause displacement specifically the nutritionally vulnerable groups like pregnant women, lactating mothers, infants, preschool children, and elderlies.

Likewise, the advisory mentioned to ready with the prepositioning of the resources for nutrition response and tools that can be used for the rapid nutrition assessment.

In a Department Personnel Oder No. 2007-2492-A regarding the amended creation of the health cluster with subclusters on Nutrition, WASH and Health, the Nutrition Cluster is created to ensure that the nutritional status of the whole population specifically the vulnerable sectors are taken cared of.

MELLPI Dec2021Butuan City- In order to increase participation of the local government units in the conduct of the Monitoring and Evaluation of Local Level Plan Implementation (MELLPI) the National Nutrition Council Caraga facilitated a two-day re-orientation of the tool to selected local nutrition evaluation team on 14-15 December at Almont City Hotel, Butuan City.

MELLPI Pro is designed to monitor and evaluate the performance of local government units (LGUs) in promoting nutrition security vis-a-vis nutrition outcome, with the aim to inform and guide policy and decision-makers enhance nutrition products, services and delivery systems towards greater effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability. On the other hand, the local nutrition focal points are evaluated according to dimensions of nutrition workers’ management performance.

Along with the orientation, a simulation exercise on the MELLPI Pro forms were participated in order to capture actual learning on the conduct of the activity.

Tandag NutClusterButuan City- As typhoon Odette (International name Rai) becomes severe tropical storm, the Tandag City Nutrition Office convened to activate its Nutrition Cluster including the twenty-one (21) Barangay Nutrition Clusters of the City on 13 December 2021.

The Nutrition Clusters of the different barangay discussed about the preparation of the incoming typhoon including the inventory of prepositions, evacuation centers, and the roles and functions of each of the member of the team.

In the report of the state weather bureau as of December 13, 2021, the tropical storm with international name Rai was last spotted 1, 6545 kilometers east of Mindanao.

The nutrition cluster aims to ensure that the nutritional status of affected population especially the most vulnerable groups infants, children, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, older persons, people with disabilities and debilitating conditions will not worsen due to the impact of disaster.

Tandag BFRoomButuan City - On Wednesday, December 15, 2021 via Zoom Conferencing, the Caraga Regional Nutrition Cluster  convened a meeting focusing on NNC Governing Board Advisory No. 02, series of 2020 re Nutrition Cluster Recommendations on Healthful and Nutritious Family Food Packs and Sustainable Food Sources and Regional Nutrition Cluster Advisory No. 06-003 series of 2021 re Nutrition Cluster Preparation for the Potential Impact of Tropical Cyclone Odette all are for the vulnerable group, the mothers and children.

DOH Caraga Nutrition Program Coordinator Teresita Lina Medrano gave updates on the preparations on the coming typhoon Odette and advised the LGUs to do preposition of logistics and nutrition commodities including IEC materials and nutrition assessment tools; and the minimum service package during emergencies. She reminded the members to relay and advocate the EO51 Milk Code to ensure the safety of children.

On the other hand, the Nutrition Action Officers who are present shared their ongoing preparations at the local level such as the Tandag City Nutrition Office through its CNAO Reyveen John Geli, of the following: activation of the Local Nutrition Clusters; Prepositioning of minimum service package, logistics and IEC materials; advisories on food checklist and breastfeeding; cordination with other offices thru group chats; camp coordination - to ensure breastfeeding area, wash facilities etc in the evacuation centers. To assure safety of beneficiaries, a team was identified to screen donation of private groups and other entities.