National Oral Health Month


Pursuant to the Presidential Proclamation No. 559, celebrating the month of February as the National Oral Health Month. This celebration is to strengthen the public awareness on the importance of the good oral health.

National Nutrition Council-Caraga strongly advocates the importance of 1st 1000days of life as we also celebrate the 2021 National Oral health month theme: “Ngipin ay Alagaan Mula sa sinapupunan para sa magandang ngiti hanggang katandaan”.  Oral health is an integral to general health and essential to well‐being and quality of life. It is a window to our overall health. Oral health affects nutrition status and diet intake. Similarly, nutrition also plays key role in oral and dental health.

According to Department of Health there are two most common oral health disease affecting the Filipinos wherein 87.4% Filipinos suffer from dental caries while 48.3% of Filipinos has gum disease.

Exclusive breastfeeding during 0-6 months has very important role in preventing gum disease to occur during early childhood days. A well-balanced complementary food, minimizing the introduction of sugary foods during 6 months and above can also help prevent the two common dental diseases from occurring. Early introduction of sugary foods contributes to the prevalence of oral health diseases specifically dental caries in children and it can adversely affect the overall nutrition for growth specifically on their weight and height.

The Department of Health provides oral health services for infants, pre-school and school-age children, adolescents, adults, senior citizens and pregnant women. This year’s theme also encourages everyone to see your dentist every six months. You may visit your dentist at your rural health centers to avail oral health services.