caraga 2012 nmThis year , the country is celebrating the 37thNutrition Month. Section 7 of Presidential Decree No. 491 or Nutrition Act of the Philippines designates the month of July as Nutrition Month to create greater awareness among the people on the importance of nutrition.

The theme for this year’s celebration is “Isulong ang BREASTFEEDING- Tama, Sapat at EKslusibo!”. The theme focuses on the importance of exclusive breastfeeding as a strategy to promote nutrition and health among infants.

Last July 7-8, 2011,the NNC Staff served as the secretariat for the cooking contest and were made judges for the activity. There were 8 entries from the different divisions and Provincial Health Team Offices from CHD CARAGA. The 1stprize was from PHT Surigao del Sur with their winning dish “Fern (SSS) Sweet and Sour from Surigao Sur.” The 2ndprize was from CHD CARAGA ARD/RD division with their delicious “Crispy Fried Vegetable Spring Roll.” The 3rdprize was from PHT Surigao del Norte with their tasty “Vegetable Salad.”

During the DOH CHD CARAGA Press Conference held last July 13, 2011, the staff from NNC were able to disseminate the July 2011 Nutrition Month Theme to the broadcasters from Butuan City. Some of the NNC staff Ms. Mariecar S. Ometer (AA VI), Mary Nicole Aceron (NO I), Nancy C. Sarabosing (NO II) and Rowena C. Gomez (NO II) were tasked to be the secretariat for the presscon. Mr. Eugene A. Fernandez (AA III) documented the activity.

The Non-Com Health Team of CHD CARAGA had an activity on advocacy for anti-smoking, orientation on prohibited drugs and nutrition month theme dissemination to students from ANHS. Ms Gomez a NO II of NNC CARAGA was able to discuss the nutrition month theme to the students. After the lectures, the students were asked questions and were rewarded with small items. This proves that the students were really listening because they actively participated and won the prizes.

The NNC staff served also as a secretariat for the DOH-CHD CARAGA Nutritionist-Dietitian Updates on Nutrition and were able to participate on the workshop. The NNC staff were able to update themselves on the Essential Micronutrient Supplementation Package for Infants and Children and Updates on Milk Code. The NNC CARAGA staff joins CHD-CARAGA in their motorcade together with the regional agencies.

For this year, NNC CARAGA celebrated the nutrition month together with the BNS who serves as the front liners for nutrition. The activity aims to promote capability building and updates on nutrition which is very important for the continuing education for the BNSs and boost on their morale of these hardworking volunteers.

The activity was divided into two, 1st activity was for the BNS Forum which includes a discussion by Ms. Rowena C. Gomez, NO II on the Nutrition Month 2011 Theme: “Isulong ang BREASTFEEDING”: Tama, Sapat at EKsklusibo!. Another lecture by Dr. Grace M. Lim was on “Essential Newborn Care Protocol.” After every lectures, the participants were given trivia then if they answered correctly they were given tokens. In the afternoon was the culmination of the nutrition month which highlighted the talents of the BNS from the different provinces and cities through sing and dance competition.In Singing contest, First prize won by Surigao del Sur and Second prize from Agusan del Norte.In Dance competition,first place was from Agusan del Norte,Second won by Agusan del Sur and third was from Surigao del Sur.

NNC CARAGA staff Ms. Rowena C. Gomez(NO II), Ms. Nancy C. Sarabosing (NO II) and Ms. Nicole L. Aceron were invited to attend the Agusan del Sur BNS Summit and Nutrition Month Culmination last July 26, 2011. Ms. Rowena C. Gomez, NO II discussed on the Nutrition Month 2011 Theme: “Isulong ang BREASTFEEDING”: Tama, Sapat at EKsklusibo!. Ms.Sarabosing and Ms. Aceron assisted on the awards of Outstanding Barangay Captain and OutstandingBNS of the province.The activity was held at Patin-ay, Posperidad, Agusan del Sur. NNC Caraga staff Mr. Chunching G. Tan (NO I) was invited to be the resource speaker for the Nutrion Month Celebration Culmination of Butuan Grace Christian School. He discuss about the Theme: “Isulong ang BREASTFEEDING”: Tama, Sapat at EKsklusibo! for the children, teacher and parents. Advocating the nutrition month and emphasizing the Breastfeeding in the most appropriate approach that children, teacher and parents could appreciate the message of Good Nutrition and breastfeeding.