LHEARN meeting Feb 2023BUTUAN CITY- Following the process of establishing the Learning Hub for Enhanced and Revitalized Nutrition (LHEARN) in Tandag City, a follow-up visit was conducted by the National Nutrition Council Caraga on 23 February 2022 to package nutrition programs ready for showcasing nutrition related practices in the city.

Dr. Nino Archie S. Labordo, the Regional Nutrition Program Coordinator of NNC Caraga recommended that the local government unit (LGU) of Tandag should identify nutrition features that will encourage other LGUs to benchmark nutrition in the city.

LHEARN is a capacity building platform that facilitates the sharing of knowledge and experience in nutrition program management among LGUs for improved nutrition.

In the workshop conducted in 2022, Tandag City identified set of good/effective and comprehensive nutrition interventions and practices, to include: First 1,000 days – K-ISA Program- Kinabuhi sa isa kalibong Adlaw- focused on Infant and young child feeding practices, Nutrition in Emergencies, PIMAM, Nutrition Promotion and Behavior Change, dietary supplementation program to nutritionally-at-risk pregnant, preschool children, and school children, overweight and obesity Management and Prevention.

Under the nutrition sensitive programs, Tandag is a better implementer of adolescent health and development programs, responsible parenthood and family planning, sustained Livelihood assistance program through people’s organization and increasing food security.

Dental Health 2023The National Nutrition Council-Caraga joins in the celebration of the Philippine Dental Health Month that is observed in February.

The observance aims to strengthen public awareness of the importance of good oral health pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 559 signed by then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

A healthy mouth goes hand in hand with a healthy body. According to the Department of Health (DOH), dental caries can adversely affect the overall nutrition necessary for the growth of the body specifically body weight and height.

Likewise, it encourages dentists, students, relevant government agencies, and professional organizations to reach out to more people with no access to dental services, particularly those who are at the remotest.

In the article published by NNC Caraga in 2022, the following are tips for looking after your oral health: regular and proper tooth brushing, regular visits to the dentist for early detection, treatment, and preventive care and staying hydrated.

Additionally, The 10 Kumainment, the localized version of Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos encourages us to consume milk, milk products, and other calcium-rich food such as small fish and shellfish every day for healthy bones and teeth.

San Luis TK DSP Feb 2023Prosperidad, ADS – The Municipality of San Luis, in coordination with Agusan del Sur Provincial Nutrition Office and National Nutrition Council Caraga conducted the Tutok Kainan – Dietary Supplementation Program (TK-DSP) Phase 3, launched on 13 February 2023 at Doña Flavia, San Luis, Agusan del Sur.

The activity was attended by PNAO Laniebelle Angchangco, Municipal Administrator Jean B. Bascon, Barangay Chairperson Marjorie Bacquial, NOII/ MNAO Ruth Boiser, NDII Jerome Cadeliña togther with the National Nutrition Council, DMO II Mariella P. Rayco.

Sixty (60) beneficiaries received the commodity with the presence of the Barangay Councilors, Barangay Health Workers (BHWs), Rural Health Unit (RHU) staff, and guardians.

The program, Tutok Kainan, seeks to contribute to the prevention of stunting by improving the quality and quantity of food and nutrient intakes and utilization of Early Childhood Care and Development – First 1000 days Program (ECCD-F1KD) services among nutritionally at-risk pregnant women and children aged 6-23 months old.

NCD DOH FebBUTUAN CITY – The Center for Health Development Caraga Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) Cluster conducted profiling and NCD risk assessment on February 8-10, 2023 at the Leaders Hall, DOH-CHD Caraga Office, Butuan City.  

The 3-day activity focuses on evaluating the current health status of office staff with provision of appropriate counselling and management.

Included in the risk assessment are data gathering to include family history, diet history and food preferences, anthropometric measurements, specific laboratory values. Another assessment was included to determine the probability of related heart diseases and developing NCDs based on specific chemical levels present in the body.

The activity provided necessary management based on the risk level and findings, particularly on prescribed medications and lifestyle modification through developing a healthier diet and weight management via Nutrition Counselling.

Lanuza TK Launching 2023TANDAG CITY- Attended by mothers and guardians with children 6-23 months old, the Tutok Kainan - Dietary Supplementation Program (TK-DSP) was officially launched on 15 February 2023 at Surf Camp, Lanuza, Surigao del Sur.

The implementation of TK-DSP in the Municipality of Lanuza will guarantee the delivery of complementary early childhood care and development (ECCD) services in the first 1000 days pursuant to RA 11148 or the Kalusugan ng Mag-Nanay Act by providing nutritious food commodities to children aged 6-23 months for 180 days.

In lieu of Mayor Marvin T. Azarcon, Executive Secretary Celsa Casa expressed her appreciation and joy for LGU Lanuza to be chosen as one of the recipients of TK-DSP in Surigao Del Sur. She emphasized that by implementing the TK-DSP, any parent can make sure that their child's nutritional requirements are met.

Development Management Officer II of NNC Caraga Ms. Shenna Marie Montenegro stressed the necessity of carrying out this supplementation program to address and resolve the issue of stunting and wasting in the Philippines.

AgSur TK DSP 2023Prosperidad, ADS– Eleven (11) identified municipalities in the Province of Agusan del Sur launched the first day of the dry feeding scheme implementation of the Tutok Kainan – Dietary Supplementation Program (TK-DSP) Phase 3 on February 13, 14, and 20, 2023 respectively.

The target beneficiaries for Tutok Kainan Phase 3 are 13,113 children aged 6-23 months old from twenty-two (22) provinces of the Philippines, including the eleven municipalities.

In Caraga, the Province of Agusan del Sur was identified as one of the target areas of the program with a total of 650 children as beneficiaries. The children will receive food commodities,  good for 180 days or six months, from Monday to Sunday using a dry feeding scheme.

Four different commodities are ready for the beneficiaries: Rice Mongo Blend (RMB), Rice Mongo Sesame Blend (RMSB), Enov’Nutributter, and fortified rice porridge.

The Rice Mongo Blend or RMB is a complementary food developed by the Department of Science and Technology – Food and Nutrition Research Institute (DOST-FNRI), especially for Filipino children.

According to DOST-FNRI, a 30g pack of RMB contains 24g carbohydrates, 4g protein, and 120 kcal which is enough to meet the 15% of recommended energy and 27% recommended protein intake for 6 months to less than 12-month-old children (RENI). It is prepared by adding boiled water until the desired consistency is reached and may be added with mashed fruits or boiled vegetables to enhance the flavor and improve its nutritional value.

Another prepared food technology from DOST-FNRI is the Rice Mongo Sesame Blend (RMSB). It is a ready-to-cook complementary food that has 30g per pack with 24g carbohydrates, 4g protein, and 130 kcal which is enough to provide the 17% recommended energy and 29% recommended protein intake for children 6-12 months old (RENI).  The preparation method for RMB is also applied to RMSB.