04 2021 5 RSCWC

NNC MIMAROPA participated in the First Quarter Regional Sub-Committee for the Welfare of Children (RSCWC) Meeting chaired by RSCWC Chair and DSWD MIMAROPA Regional Director Fernando R. De Villa Jr., CESO III. 

The RSCWC is the major counterpart structure of the Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC) at the sub-national level and serves as the critical link between the national and the local government. As a governance structure, it provides direct assistance to LGUs and is accountable to both the Regional Development Council (RDC) and the Council for the Welfare of Children. It also promotes and enhances regional coordination and harmonization of efforts for the protection and well being of children.

04 2021 3 COVID 19 and the Role of Micronutrients

Each day, the number of COVID-19 cases in the Philippines is continuously adding up. The end is far from sight, that is why extra precautions are needed to be spared from the disease. Aside from strict observance to the minimum public health and safety protocols released by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF), importance of adequate consumption of micronutrients should be emphasized. Strong immune system through proper nutrition and hydration is crucial to defeat COVID-19. 


The word “essential” pertains to something of basic, utmost importance.  For us humans, we have essential needs that need to be met for survival. Some of the basic physiological needs that are vital for everyday life include food, water, air, shelter, and clothing.  If these needs aren’t met, the body can’t function optimally.

Food provides calories and nutrients including carbohydrates, fat, and protein for growth, function, and repair. Food for our bodies is like gasoline to a car – if we do not have enough fuel, the car will not be able to start. In the same way, if young children do not have enough good food, they will not have the energy to grow and be active.

04 2021 2 World Health Day

National Nutrition Council – MIMAROPA is one with the world in celebrating World Health Day today, 7 April 2021 with the theme: “Building a fairer, healthier world for everyone.”

World Health Day is celebrated annually every 7th of April since 1950s which aims to create awareness on a specific theme to highlight a priority area of concern for the World Health Organization (WHO).

For this year’s celebration, WHO calls for action to eliminate health inequities and highlights its constitutional principle which states: “the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being without distinction of race, religion, political belief, economic or social condition.” 

03 2021 Lent

Lenten season forms a huge part of Philippine traditions. Fasting and abstinence from meat and flavorful foods on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday and every Friday of the Lenten season are common practices being observed. Let's dive into the benefits that come with observing these traditions.

04 2021 1 Hemophilia


The National Nutrition Council MIMAROPA Region joins the observance of 2021 National Hemophilia Awareness Month by virtue of Proclamation No. 1478, s. 2008. Annually, the month of April is recognized as National Hemophilia Awareness Month effective 3 April 2008.

Hemophilia is a rare, genetic bleeding disorder wherein blood is unable to clot normally due to insufficient clotting factors, type of protein present in the blood necessary to control bleeding. Specifically, people with hemophilia lack clotting factor VIII (anti-hemophilic factor) or clotting factor IX (Christmas factor), affecting men but rarely the women.