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To kick off the Nutrition Shepherding Project in Isabela Province, RNPC Maria Gisela Lonzaga of NNC Region 02 and PNAO Henedina Cabrera of Isabela Province met with the local nutrition committees of Aurora and Burgos in Isabela. The meetings were both to advocate for the nutrition shepherding project and creation of plantilla positions for nutrition.

Hon. Mayor Joseph Christian Uy of Aurora was represented by the members of their local nutrition committee and Sangguniang Bayan while Hon. Mayor Isis Dominique Uy was represented by Hon. Vice-mayor Ruben Gragasin and the nutrition committee of Burgos.

RNPC Lonzaga oriented the LNCs on the Nutrition Shepherding Project of the National Nutrition Council. She provided the current nutrition situation of the municipalities to their respective local nutrition committees. She shared that the project aims to mentor LGUs through their local nutrition committees to strengthen their nutrition program management. She also advocated for the creation of nutrition office with staff complement to oversee the nutrition programs of different offices of their municipalities.

Both LGUs received well the advocacy and will confirm their participation through the confirmation of their respective mayors. They also committed to explore creation of nutrition positions in their municipalities, and for the meantime, will hire job orders for the positions while waiting for the created plantilla positions.

With the acceptance of their respective mayors to the nutrition shepherding project, the RNST shall visit and mentor the municipality monthly, and support their nutrition programs. – Edzell M. Arcinue