12 Glenn GpngMr. Glenn Gabayan, BNS, Darapidap, Candon City - “Glenn”, a name that rings like a bell when it comes to nutrition advocacy. A public servant, a catechist in four different barangays in the City of Candon, a good friend, and a good coordinator, a sympathetic person especially to the children, and a champion in everything he does. He started his service to his barangay as a Volunteer Health Workers, he is a dedicated worker and easy to get along with. Because of these good qualities, the barangay midwife assigned in their locality endorsed him to be a full-time Barangay Nutrition Scholar which was unanimously approved by the Council last July 2018.

His dedication to his work foundered as days passed by, He continued his usual routine, guided by womb to tomb nutrition advocacy. Despite the pandemic, his eagerness and his commitment to his duty never changed. He does Home Visitations for Pabasa sa Nutrition, he also conducts Home Visitation to every household with or without children at risk to monitor their concerns and needs, he spearheaded the conduct of Dietary Supplementation to preschoolers and pregnant mothers together with the members of the Barangay Nutrition Council. He has also been active in feeding programs, he successfully implemented the Nutri-co-feed on wheels be it a dry ration or ready-to-eat hot meals, during the Christmas season he and his partners, the St. Martine de Porres Hospital and Lions club, also conduct Feeding and Gift-giving activities. Every Summer, he leads in the conduct of 90 days feeding activities on daily vacation church school. 

11 Leilani ApngMs. Leilani Mae Agno, BNS, San Lorenzo, Laoag City - The woman whose dedication and passion to her craft are incomparable. Her existence is meant for public service. Truly, the woman who is destined to uplift the nourishment of children and mothers in the community. She is Leilani Mae Agno, the Barangay Nutrition Scholar of Barangay 1, San Lorenzo, Laoag City.

Lani, as her friends and family fondly call her, is a 2017 and 2018 Finalist in the Monitoring and Evaluation of Local Level Plan Implementation (MELLPI), City Level, and now a hopeful in the Search for Most Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Scholar, Regional Level.

She may have a degree on Bachelor of Science in Commerce, major in Management Accounting but her compassion and interest in public service at the barangay level were noticed when she volunteered as a member of the Rural Improvement Club in 2009. As her active membership flourished vigorously, she was eventually appointed as the Barangay Nutrition Scholar in 2013. 

8 Sharon TpngMs. Sharon Tablada, BNS, Baracca, Vigan City - Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless. This has been the motivation of Ms. Sharon Tablada to effectively execute her role as Barangay Nutrition Scholar not only in Barraca but in Vigan as a whole.

Barangay Barraca being the smallest barangay in the city of Vigan continues to innovate and improve its health and nutrition interventions to deliver effectively and meet the needs of its constituents. With its limited resources, Barraca finds ways to reach its goals and aspirations in attaining a health and nutrition empowered community.

Being the main actor in the overall planning and implementation of the Barangay Nutrition Action Plan, she sees to it that the PPAN priority nutrition program interventions are incorporated into the plan. She also initiates meetings and nutrition-related meetings to communicate well the status of nutrition to the members of the Barangay Nutrition Committee and among the different stakeholders of Nutrition. 

10 Mylene MpngMs. Mylene Magaoay, BNS, Poblacion, Burgos, Ilocos Norte - A strong woman with a soft heart, BNS Mylene Magaoay is married to Mr. Rechson Magaoay, who is currently serving as the Chief Tanod of the Barangay, blessed with two beautiful children namely Jezlen and Megan. Hard-working, Passionate, Diligent, Committed, are some of BNS Mylene B. Magaoay’s traits whenever she works.

As BNS, she conducted various programs that she knows can help to improve the nutritional status of the children and the welfare of lactating and pregnant women. With the support of the BNC, some of the activities that were conducted were home visitation and nutrition counseling as well. Due to the high prevalence rates of malnourished children, she initiates to conduct a case study, she went house to house and personally find out the main reason for the increase in malnourished children. She also initiates the Search for Biggest Loser Kids for pre-school children with the help of the parents and teachers of the children.

7 AureliaMs. Aurelia Aguilar, BNS, Barangay Oaqui #3, Luna, La Union - “Success and fulfillment are attained through hard work, dedication and perseverance but more importantly compassion, selflessness, and kindness to others.

Compassion, selflessness, and kindness to others are what drove Ms. Aurelia O. Aguilar to follow the path of public service as a BNS in September of 2005. These qualities, coupled with dedication, hard work, and perseverance gained the full support of the BNC Members headed by former Punong Barangay Christopher A. Manantan on all the nutrition programs, projects, and activities that she initiated.

Throughout her 16 years tenure as a BNS, she had outstandingly performed her roles and functions without expecting any monetary return.  It is her dedication and dream to eradicate malnutrition and her compassion for others that drives her to continue working harder. This endeared her to the current BNC Members and Punong Barangay Randolph A. Aragon.

9 Jonalyn CpngMs.Jonalyn Cubacub, BNS, Brgy. Urzadan, Suyo, Ilocos Sur -  BNS Cubacub was born at Suyo, Ilocos Sur, and is proud to be one of the Bago Tribe indigenous people. She was appointed as Barangay Nutrition Scholar for almost 3 years.

Proverbs 16:3, “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” The verse that keeps on guiding her and gave her the strength on being a BNS. With this guiding mantra, in 2020, she was evaluated for the Search for the Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Scholars by the provincial nutrition evaluation team via Salisal Iladawan Gaget Lumogar Agsaknap Timpuyog (SIGLAT), an annual evaluation of different programs of the province, and adjudged as the 2019 Provincial Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Scholar.