10th National Conference of Nutriskwela Community Radio Network Program naballigi a naangay 1

REGION 1- The Regional Nutrition Shepherding Team organized by the National Nutrition Council Regional Office 1 targets the municipalities of Mangatarem and Tayug, Pangasinan as pilot areas for the Nutrition Shepherding Project (NSP) starting this 2022 onwards.

These 2 LGUs were selected based on set criteria which include among others the percentage and magnitude of malnutrition and the willingness of the said LGUs for the said project which will be a platform that involves guiding and mentoring LGUs by a shepherding team to enhance their knowledge and skills on nutrition program management (NPM) and ensure that these areas will develop a plan to scale up nutrition actions which addresses its problems on malnutrition.

 Mayor Ramil P. Ventenilla of Mangatarem and Mayor Tyrone Agabas of Tayug, during the face-to-face conduct of NSP dialogues last 21 July 2022 and 25 August 2022, respectively, signified their commitment to the said project and ensure the full support and cooperation of their local nutrition committees.

A major highlight in both dialogues was that it was imperative for the LCE and the priority LGU Nutrition Team to mutually understand and appreciate first the magnitude/severity of the malnutrition problem - including gender and other social causes and consequences—in the LGU. In that way, the LGU through the LCE could commit and give directives to their own LGU Nutrition Team to address the malnutrition problem/s identified.

As part of the step-by-step process of mentoring, both LGUs shall have monthly consultative meetings, with the RNST for technical assistance and in-depth coaching on NPM.

The Regional Nutrition Shepherding Team (RNST) which was organized and adopted thru RDC Resolution No. 46, s. 2022 consist of representatives from the following line agencies: DOH, DILG, DBM, DSWD, NEDA, NNC; one non-government sector: World Vision; and two representing the local government units: City of Vigan, Provincial Government of La Union to execute the project and expand its coverage over the years.

The team shall work hand in hand to the selected LGUs to provide shepherding activities such as capacity building, technical assistance, benchmarking activities and planning workshop to scale-up  their nutrition actions towards improved nutrition. 


Development Management Officer II - Wylibeth Lumpias

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