Are your numbers under control? Know your numbers! -your blood pressure level.

The National Nutrition Council Region I joins the advocacy of the Department of Health (DOH) in diffusing the hypertension threat in the country as centered on the observance of the National Hypertension Awareness Month.

The month of May is delegated by DOH as the “Hypertension Awareness Month”, by virtue of Proclamation No. 1761 signed on May 1, 2009, to improve the cognizance of Filipinos about its significant risks, signs, and symptoms as well as its prevention and management. 



Additionally, According to Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI), the National prevalence of hypertension among Filipino adults (20 years old and over), had significantly increased after a decline in 2013 from 22.3% to 23.9% in 2015.  DOH also revealed that hypertension persists to be the leading cause of illness and is said to be one of the identified triggering factors of premature death in the Philippines. 

Thus, regular reading of blood pressure levels and check-ups with health care providers is strongly advised. A remarkable change in lifestyle is also recommended to achieve significant results in combating alarming hypertension data.

Daily count on the prescribed blood pressure medications is also a must in maintaining that average BP level individually. That is why it is called “maintenance” medications so as for it to be maintained on a regular basis regardless of what the BP level counts for the day.

On a side note, useful tools were illustrated by the National Nutrition Council with its partners as guidelines for good nutrition including the Ten Kumainments, Pinggang Pinoy and the Food Pyramid-these are prescriptions for good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

These dietary guides don’t excuse anyone away from getting dehydrated. Drinking atleast eight to twelve glasses of safe and clean drinking water everyday does the trick into regulating normal body processes.

A shift in dietary and lifestyle habits can prevent the onset of hypertension that is correlated to other non-communicable diseases. Take control of your blood pressure levels! /BGC