The Nutrition Cluster, which is a sub-cluster of Health composed of partner agencies from government, the United Nations, and non-government organizations, guides the implementation and monitoring of programmatic measure to reduce nutrition-related mortality and morbidity as a result of emergencies (like COVID-19) and disasters impact on public health, economy and social aspects.

The specific tasks and responsibilities of the Nutrition Cluster during COVID-19 are to:

1. Provide guidance for the contextual adaptation and implementation of available guidelines, toolboxes, multimedia and other tools necessary for implementation of mitigation measures in nutrition programs in COVID-19 at-risk or affected areas for nutrition sector or cluster partners

2. Support all working groups to review the UNICEF, WHO, WFP and/or GNC  programmatic guidance on COVID-19 as relevant to their scope of work and support them in developing risk mitigation and management measures

3. Ensure that there is a Joint Statement or Advisory issued and/or endorsed by Nutrition Cluster on appropriate COVID-19 nutrition-related mitigation measures 

4. Develop and/or adopt nutrition training package, if needed, for the cluster or partners on the updated nutrition plans and programmatic guidance for COVID19 using existing online platforms

5. Develop a contingency plan for nutrition interventions for both preventive and curative measures and ensure that both service provision and supply chain management are adequately considered as per UNICEF Nutrition COVID-19 programme guidance 

6. Develop a community engagement strategy, workplan, guidance and tools for COVID-19 and nutrition in emergencies programmes

7. Review current programmatic data collection practices and identify what needs to be done to implement no-touch data collection, particularly in terms of anthropometry, and reporting

8. Link with other clusters or sectors and support the coordinator with work related to COVID-19 preparedness and response. A stronger coordination with the Health Cluster/Response Task Group may be specifically useful for this crisis 

9. Monitor and ensure implementation of the COVID-19 response as per the agreed guidance among nutrition cluster or sector partners 

The Nutrition Cluster has four (4) working groups: a) Assessment and Monitoring Working Group (AM WG), b) Philippine Integrated Management of Acute Malnutrition Working Group (PIMAM WG), c) Infant and Young Child Feeding Working Group (IYCF WG) and d) Advocacy and Communications Working Group (AdComm WG). Chair of the working groups is NNC, DOH-FHO, DOH-FHO and DOH-HPCS, respectively. It also has a Strategic Core Group with chairs of the 4 technical working groups, HEMB and UNICEF as members.