NNC PRC logoThe Professional Regulation Commission – Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Council of Nutrition and Dietetics reaccredited the National Nutrition Council as a CPD Provider to the Nutrition and Dietetics profession effective February 2019 to 2022. With this, the NNC can again provide CPD units to participants and speakers of its CPD-accredited programs. This includes the trainings on Nutrition Program Management, Nutrition Cluster Information Management and conferences for Nutrition Action Officers and District/City Nutrition Program Coordinators.

Left photo: ASec. Bernie Flores delivering her opening message; right photo: training participants doing hands-on of Office 365 application

The National Nutrition Council (NNC) held its annual general assembly of the website management team on 11-12 February 2019 at the NNC Boardroom which was attended by web team members and publishers from the central and regional offices.

“Networking is very important up to the grassroots level through the world wide web and social media to increase awareness on positive behavior change on nutrition” said Assistant Secretary of Health and NNC Executive Director Bernie Flores in her opening message to the participants.

The two-day activity was conducted to assess the 2018 website and social media pages of NNC in the central and regional offices and enhance the skills and knowledge of the website management team on monitoring of the webpage and status of the Facebook fan pages.

GB reso fad dietsThe National Nutrition Council Governing Board (NNC GB) chaired by Health Secretary and Chairperson Francisco T. Duque III approved during its meeting on     21 June 2018 the Policy Statement on Fad Diets, as explained in the NNC Governing Board Resolution No. 4 Series of 2018. This is to address the issue of the proliferation of fad diets which is growing in popularity among Filipinos interested in losing weight.

The policy declares that the NNC does not recommend the use of fad diets for weight loss as it may pose potential health risk and dangers. Instead, the NNC recommends the adherence to a holistic, sustainable, adequate, and nutritionally-balanced diet, complemented by an active lifestyle and lifelong behavioral modifications. Moreover, to prevent further increase of overweight and obesity prevalence in the Philippines, the NNC Governing Board also asserts that population-based interventions, particularly through the promotion of healthier food environments and systems, as well as public awareness through behavioral change, should complement individual efforts to combat overweight and obesity.

web article photo1The National Nutrition Council (NNC) recently gathered radio station personnel and its institutional partners from its 44 Nutriskwela community radio stations from all over the country for the 9th National Conference of the Nutriskwela Community Radio Network Program. The annual conference, which was held in Iloilo City on  15-17 January 2019, was conducted to strengthen the operations of the stations to be able to promote nutrition and development in the broadcast areas. Updates on nutrition, community broadcasting and to share and discuss practices and concerns in managing and operating radio stations were also discussed.

It was emphasized that for positive nutrition behaviors to happen, the radio stations need to step up their programming on nutrition. Participants identified potential nutrition radio programs that could be aired in all the stations. Also, to further strengthen the network, participants agreed to organize the stations and the station personnel into an association. A working group was organized composed of various personnel from 7 Nutriskwela stations.