RNC X Resolution No. 6 (s. 2016) “Approving the Recommendation of the RNC-Technical Working Group to Limit the Endorsement of the Same Provincial/City Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Scholar to the Search for Regional Outstanding BNS to A Maximum of Three Years”.With the call to entries for the 2016 Search for the Regional Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Scholar (ROBNS), NorMin Regional Nutrition Committee reminded all Region X provinces and cities of its new policy that limits the endorsement of the same P/COBNS to a maximum of three years.

The new regulation takes effect this year with the adoption of RNC X Resolution No. 6 (s. 2016) “Approving the Recommendation of the RNC-Technical Working Group to Limit the Endorsement of the Same Provincial/City Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Scholar to the Search for Regional Outstanding BNS to A Maximum of Three Years”. The same resolution provides that same P/COBNS endorsed for three years (need not be consecutive) must show progressive performance (increasing score).

“We (RNC-Technical Working Group) observed that one city of Northern Mindanao has been endorsing the same COBNS from 2010 to 2014 while the scores based on the tool used were decreasing over the years”, says Eva Pacturan of DA X.  The new policy will give a fair chance to other performing BNSs to being declared as the ROBNS and be a potential contender to the Search for the National Outstanding BNS.

Qualified BNSs selected through a provincial and city level evaluations are endorsed to the National Nutrition Council X as their respective Provincial or City OBNS who all qualify for the Search for the Regional OBNS. The Regional OBNS, on the other hand, is declared through a regional level evaluation. Regional OBNS that reaches the cut off score is endorsed to NNC Central Office as regional contender to the national search.

The Search for the National Outstanding BNS was initiated by National Nutrition Council to periodically assess the performance of the BNSs and recognize those with outstanding performance in the delivery of basic nutrition and nutrition-related services in his/her barangay leading to improved nutrition. pcgd

From L to R (NO II Princess Daliva, NO III Shiella Balbanida, Gov. Bambi Emano, PNAO Guillerma Barcenas,Misamis Oriental Governor Yevgeny Vincente “Bambi” B. Emano recently re-affirmed his support to strengthen the province nutrition program through beefing up the Provincial Nutrition Office with additional District Nutrition Program Coordinators and sustaining the functionality of Local Nutrition Committees. The Governor also approved the procurement of a vehicle to be used for delivery of nutrition services and monitoring and evaluation of nutrition program implementation province-wide.

The Governor also issued Executive Order GYVBE 2016-011organizing the Provincial Nutrition Cluster making it as a sub-structure of the Provincial Nutrition Committee to ensure the management of nutrition related interventions during emergencies and disasters.

MisOr also confirmed participation to this year’s round of Regional Monitoring and Evaluation of Local Level Plan Implementation (MELLPI) with their Provincial Level Evaluation to commence in April.

These re-affirmation of commitments and support stemmed out from a courtesy call/brief meeting of NNC X thru NO III Shiella Rose C. Balbanida and NO II Princess Christine D. Tababa where the Misamis Oriental Nutrition Facts and Figures was presented to Gov. Bambi. A stronger NNC X – Misamis Oriental partnership for nutrition is anticipated.  srcb

Collaged for g4 article 2The revival of the Garden of Go, Grow and Glow or G4 can be seen as a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the emerging issues of food insecurity and malnutrition.

In July 2005, former RNC X chairperson and NEDA X Regional Director Casimira V. Balandra launched the G4 initiative. Unique only to NorMin, the initiative was a banner project of the RNC X supported by RDC X through Resolution No. 33, series of 2005 as a practical strategy for food security to counter malnutrition and improve nutritional status.

However, in the current setting, weak advocacy and implementation of the initiative has been observed at the local level which can be considered as a constraint or gap in achieving the regional goal of decreased incidence of malnutrition.

Misamis Oriental with RD Nimfa Torrizo and the training teamMembers of Misamis Oriental (MisOr) Provincial Nutrition Cluster (PNC) were convened in Apple Tree Resort and Hotel, Taboc, Opol, Misamis Oriental on 21-24 February 2017 for a training workshop to develop their competencies in administering standards and appropriate nutrition interventions for emergencies and disasters.

The workshop introduced concepts on nutrition cluster coordination, assessment of nutritional status, micronutrient interventions, infant and young child feeding, selective feeding, and monitoring and evaluation of nutrition interventions during emergencies.

Regional Nutrition Cluster (RNC) Chairperson Dir. Nimfa B. Torrizo of DOH RO X, who personally graced the workshop, highlighted that the occurrence of emergency and disaster has risen dramatically in the recent time which threatens human lives often resulting in food shortages, worsened nutritional status of the community and even mortality in all age group. Further, she stressed that the primary concern during emergencies and disaster is to prevent death and malnutrition among the affected population prioritizing the vulnerable groups.

ro10_lgumoblizatonIn June 2015, both the Regional Nutrition Committee (RNC) X and the Regional Development Council (RDC) X adopted the guidelines on NorMin’s LGU Mobilization Strategy using a mentoring approach through RNC X Resolution No. 1 s. 2015 and RDC X Executive Committee Resolution No. 9.

The LGU Mobilization Strategy on Nutrition Improvement in Northern Mindanao will engage Normin’s top performing LGUs that sustained the highest awards on nutrition or the Nutrition Honor Awardees (NHAs). These awardees will be vigorously mobilized as mentors of low-performing LGUs which fall under any of the following categories: top nutritionally depressed based on regional rank in the Operation Timbang (OPT) Plus; OPT Plus coverage of below 50%; LGUs without local nutrition action plan (LNAP) and/or Local Nutrition Committees (LNCs); LGUs with LNCs but rated as non or partially functional and LGUs with new local chief executives.

Mis OccIn order to to maintain the provision of quality  nutrition services to all Misamisnons, Provincial Board Member Octavio O. Parojinog authored Ordinance No. 44-16, “An Ordinance Creating a Nutrition Division Under the Office of the Provincial Governor in the Province of Misamis Occidental, Appropriating Funds Thereof”.

This was disclosed during the first quarter meeting of the Misamis Occidental Provincial Nutrition Commiittee (PNC) held February 2, 2017 chaired by Board Member Parojinog himself as PNC Co-Chairperson.

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