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Mothers of feeding program beneficiaries to undergo empowerment classes

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10 a dayIn line with Tacloban City’s “Ten a Day, Save a Life” campaign that will be launched this week, the mothers of the beneficiaries of this program on malnutrition will be undertaking an empowerment class that will benefit their children and family.

Dra. Gloria Fabrigas of the Sangyaw Foundation said the mothers of the severely underweight children from 2 selected barangays of Brgy. 37 and 39 will be trained and educated to empower them until the end of the 120 days allotted for each child to recover from being severely underweight.

“Those mothers will be taught by city cooperatives on livelihood and entrepreneurial activities like hair cutting, reflexology, communal gardening, and other activities that they can do when the 120-day feeding program ends,” Fabrigas said.

The course will also train and educate the mothers regarding the family life. The city cooperatives will give emphasis on health education, values education, and even on food preparation.

“When you educate, you improve the knowledge, the skills, and you also change the behaviour. Once we see that there is behavioral change, we know that we’re already effective and successful in empowering those mothers,” Fabrigas added.

Moreover, Fabrigas added that at the start of the program, they will assist those mothers until such time that they know already what to do. The mothers will also be trained on food handling, food storage, and on correct washing of hands. The program will also focus on responsible parenting which will be administered by the City Population Office (CTO). The
organizers of this course expect that the mothers will apply all the things that they have learned in the empowerment course.

Fabrigas further expressed that they are positive that the program will be successful so that they can continue implementing it in other barangays of Tacloban City. (JANINE BERJA, LNU AbCom Intern)

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