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CNC Alaminos CItyThe City Nutrition Committee of Alaminos City together with the 43 Barangay Captains convened for its 1st City Nutrition Committee Meeting on March 25, 2013 at Suki Hall Alaminos City purposely to re-activate the Nutrition Committee as well as the Barangay Nutrition Committees in the area. Likewise, it was the time to lobby for the deployment of Barangay Nutrition Scholars (BNS) in every barangay.


To set the tone for the meeting and to have a real picture of the city nutrition situation, Ms. Rose Lulu P. Pagaduan, Nutrition Officer III of the National Nutrition  Council  presented it while Ms. Ma. Eileen B. Blanco, Nutrition Program Coordinator discussed the Overview of the Local Nutrition Committee as well as the roles and responsibilities for its sector.


SP Jan Marionne R. Fontelera, Chairman on Health and Sanitation said that sectoral actions can have a better impact when coordinated and integrated through a mechanism that will bring these sectors together for shared decision-making and responsibility on matters related to nutrition improvement.


Furthermore, NPC Blanco reiterated that the local Nutrition Committee plays a vital role in addressing hunger and malnutrition in the locality and emphasized on the following functions:

  1. Prepare a nutrition action plan complementary to and integrated with other plans of the LGU and higher level plans;
  2. Advocate the adoption and financing of the plan;
  3. Coordinate nutrition and nutrition-related activities of member agencies and other agencies;
  4. Monitor nutrition and related activities of member agencies and other agencies involved in the nutrition program;
  5. Mobilize resources to ensure that the plan is implemented.


The issue on the deployment of at least one BNS in every barangay was finally resolved with the commitment of the Barangay Captains as Chairman of the Barangay Nutrition Committees to designate a BNS and to support the implementation of the nutrition programs in their respective barangays.


In closing, CNAO Virginia H. Francisco thanked the body for the overwhelming attendance and challenged the group to make Alaminos City a well-nourished and productive community.

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RONDAThe National Nutrition Council Regional Office 1 and the Regional Organization of Nutrition Development Advocates has recently convened at the Hotel Ariana in Bauang, La Union to formalize plans for different activities for this year, 2014.

The meeting coincided with the regular quarterly meeting of RONDA wherein the group has reported their accomplishments for 2013 which included different activities on the promotion of the revised Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos (NGF), seminars, symposium an trainings in different barangays in the region.


Ms. Rose Lulu Pagaduan, Nutrition Officer III of NNC also presented the conduct of the barangay outreach program of RONDA where residents of barangay Bonuan Gueset in Dagupan City were able to listen to lectures from Moringaling Philippines Foundation, Inc and National Nutrition Council RO1.

Mr. Bernie Errasquin, Station Manager of DZMQ Radyo ng Bayan Dagupan and RONDA President discussed with members plans and proposed activities for the year which will include malunggay planting in every home dubbed as “Malunggay sa Bawat Bahay Project”.

Meanwhile, during the meeting, NNC introduced to media partners their new Nutrition Program Coordinator, Ms. Ma. Eilleen B. Blanco who applauded the plan for said project citing the incidence of malnutrition in the region wherein about 24,070 children between 0 – 5 years old are found to be underweight and severely underweight while 8,586 are overweight. According to NPC Blanco, both state constitute malnutrition and therefore needs immediate attention from proper authorities.

During the meeting, RONDA members pledged their support to the different programs of NNC citing their desire to continue the advocacy as part of the group’s legacy. – Ms. Maricel Fronda


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DSC06879The annual Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition (PPAN) Monitoring and Evaluation of Local Level Plan Implementation (MELLPI) as well as the Barangay Nutrition Scholar (BNS) Evaluation will be held to assess progress of plan implementation, identify strengths and weaknesses in the implementation of the local nutrition program and institute appropriate corrective measures to facilitate achievement of nutrition targets.


The National Nutrition Council Region I together with the Regional Nutrition Evaluation Team (RNET) composed of member agencies of the Regional Nutrition Committee (RNC) will conduct this year’s MELLPI and BNS evaluation scheduled starting this March 24 to May 30, 2014.




The following schedules will be carried out among the participating provinces and cities regionwide:


Date                                                   Province/City                                  

March 24-25                                      Alaminos City

March 27-28                                      Vigan City (BNS Evaluation only)

March 31-April 4                               Ilocos Sur

April 7-8                                             San Carlos City (Monitoring)

April 10-11                                         San Fernando City

April 21-25                                         Pangasinan

April 24-25                                         Candon City

April 28-30                                         Urdaneta City

May 5-9                                              La Union

May 15-16                                         Dagupan City

May 19-20                                         Batac City

May 21-23                                         Laoag City

May 26-30                                         Ilocos Norte  



The Municipality of Bangui, Ilocos Norte is hopeful that this year,  they will get the Green Banner Award for the third time to be able to qualify for the Consistent Regional Outstanding Winner in Nutrition (CROWN) Award, the next higher award being given by NNC to outstanding LGU nutrition implementers.


This activity will end with the recognition of LGU’s with exemplary performance in nutrition program management and likewise, recognition of BNSes who have rendered outstanding performance in the delivery of health and nutrition services in their respective barangays.  These awards will be presented during the Regional Nutrition Awarding Ceremony (RNAC) scheduled in September 2014.

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RLNAOsThe League of Nutrition Action Officers (LNAOs) Region I, Inc. will conduct its Annual Training cum 20th Anniversary Celebration on March 11-13, 2014 at Hotel Supreme, Baguio City with the theme: “R1NAOs at 20: Celebrating years of committed health and nutrition services to the LUPangIlocos Community. Hon. Francisco Emmanuel R. Ortega III, Abono Partylist Representative will be the guest of Honor and Keynote Speaker. All Nutrition Workers in the region are invited to attend this years celebration.

The LNAO’s, Region I Inc. is the only organization of the Nutrition Action Officers (NAO’s) nationwide which is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as per Registration No.B 199800275 dated March 27, 1998. It was first organized in June 1994 when the first initiative to hold a regional convention was held prior to the one-day national NAO’s convention. At present, the regional league has been recognized as one of the strong, bonded and financially stable organization who has served as partners in nutrition-related endeavors of Region I.

With the existence of the federated NAO’s at the provincial and regional level, an annual regional convention of NAO’s is held. Each year, the hosting of the regional convention is rotated among the provinces who serve as the overall coordinator of the event. Likewise, the National Nutrition Council, Regional Office I serves as the secretariat with the Nutrition Program Coordinator and Nutrition Officer III as consultants.

As in previous years, the regional league is hopeful that this years 20th celebration will be again a resounding success.

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The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) together with the Department of Health Regional Office I through the Health Program Section of Regulation, Licensing and Enforcement Division (RLED) conducted the  Ilocos Region Universal Salt Iodization Consultative Meeting and Planning Workshop held at Hotel Veniz, Baguio City on February 20-21, 2014. The objective of the activity is to develop a detailed Regional Plan to be able to achieve Universal Salt Iodization (USI), or 90% of households using adequately iodized salt.

The Consultative Meeting was attended by the salt producers of provinces, cities and municipalities composed of Provincial Nutrition Action Officers, Provincial Nutritionists, Registered Sanitary Inspectors, and Provincial Health Nurses.

Mr. Edward Otico of GAIN reported the following results of 2008 National Nutrition Survey and 2011 Updating Survey:

  • High availability of iodized salt (89.8%), but low availability (46.7%) of “adequately” iodized salt. Median iodine content was 14.1ppm (below 15ppm minimum). 53.3% of salt have below 15ppm iodine.
  • Good median Urinary Iodine Excretion (UIE) for children 6-12 yrs old (159 ug/l, cut-off 100) and lactating women (112 ug/l, cut-off 100), but poor for pregnant women (88 ug/l, cut-off 150). Only 28.8% of pregnant women had sufficient iodine. For children and lactating women, 71.8% and 53% had sufficient iodine.

The highlights of the National Salt Iodization Program Strategic Plan 2011-2016 was discussed by Ms. Ethelreina A. Balisnomo, Nutrition Officer I of National Nutrition Council. This is to update the body on the status on the major accomplishments of the plan which include the priority actions and activities on the 5 components namely: 1. Technical Assistance, 2. Promotion and Advocacy, 3. Regulation and monitoring, 4. Program management and 5. Support activities.

Since the problems being addressed are affecting the regional population, regional agencies and local government units should invest on appropriate resources on the salt iodization program implementation. The participants were tasked to develop their respective action plans to address the issues on program implementation.

On the second day, Mr. Edward Otico demonstrated the use of the WYD iodine test kit to check the iodine content of salt samples collected from different salt producers in the region.

In closing, Dr. Amelia Dumaoang of DOH thanked everybody for their active participation and challenged the group to fastrack the implementation of the salt iodization program in their respective areas.


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PGN-IYCFIlocos Norte, Ilocos Sur and Pangasinan will complete the training of PGN-IYCF in 50% of barangays targeted for 2013.The five-day training sponsored by the National Nutrition Council started October 7, 2013 and will end on February 15, 2014 to complete the 88 batches of trainings.

The goal of the training is to reduce the prevalence of malnutrition through correct nutrition information and behavior modification. 100% of municipalities and priority nutritionally depressed barangays in these provinces will be covered. In each barangay, four participants from among the Barangay Nutrition Scholar, Barangay Health Worker, Kagawad on Health, Mother Leader or Midwife will be trained.

The training-workshop will enhance knowledge and skills on the promotion of desirable infant and young child feeding practices, basic nutrition among families and the promotion of egg and vegetables including the key messages of the Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos (NGF).

All the modules for the municipal level training were used for the barangay level training with some modification. A variety of learning methods to enhance learning like lecture-discussions, role-plays, demonstrations, practice sessions and group activities were used.

After this training, participants are expected to recruit and orient IYCF peer counselors, lead the organization of IYCF support groups that will follow-up and counsel pregnant and lactating mothers and mothers with young children, conduct nutrition education sessions using modules on Pabasa sa Nutrisyon and Egg and Vegetable syllabi. 

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image rlnaos article27 January 2013, Vigan City - The Officers of the League of Nutrition Action Officers, Region I, Inc. with the National Nutrition Council, Regional Office I as secretariat were at Vigan Culture and Trade Center for the first quarter meeting. The meeting was hosted by the local government of Vigan- the 1st CROWN Maintenance Awardee in Region I for 2013. Hosting of meetings has been the practice in the region in order to observe nutrition program implementation of respective LGUs worthy of replication.

The group was warmly welcomed by Vice-Mayor Lourdes Baquiran on behalf of Mayor Eva Marie Medina. She proudly presented the innovations being undertaken in the city which include the functional City and Barangay Nutrition Committees, involvement of various NGOs in the nutrition program as well as the Search for the Best Barangay and Barangay Nutrition Scholar. To help augment income of families with malnourished children and indigents, the city government provided livelihood projects tagged as “Pagsapulan: Raniag ti Masakbayan” like the provision of tricycle for hire, ice cream carts, Muscovy ducks and Murrah buffalos for animal dispersal among others. In addition, a BNS Nutri-Canteen which sells mikilunggay and other nutritious snacks was provided to the Federation of Barangay Nutrition Scholars with a starting capital of P50, 000.00. In order to provide quality services, access cards were provided to its constituents. The access card includes a list of services that the recipients can avail of such as medical and dental services, livelihood and financial assistance, legal assistance and burial assistance, among others. Moreover, activities like Healthy Buntis, Healthy Baby, Healthy Barangay Projects is a service caravan –type of project which brings health services to the barangays including the conduct of pre-natal check-ups and laboratory exams for pregnant mothers and the promotion of exclusive breastfeeding and complementary feeding. 

Vice Mayor Baquiran enjoined the group to visit their different projects along food production and child welfare and wished that everybody will enjoy their short stay in the heritage city of the north-Vigan City.


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NGF Nutri Caravan - Region IAs part of the promotional and advocacy campaign on the Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos (NGF), the National Nutrition Council sponsored the conduct of a Caravan in the four Cities of Region I undertaken as follows: Urdaneta City on December 17, 2013, Dagupan City on December 19, 2013, Batac City and Candon City on December 27, 2013.

The activity aims to increase the level of awareness of the general public on the NGF, practice it their daily lives to improve nutritional status, enhance productivity and contribute to development. Likewise, it was a venue to strengthen the advocacy campaign on the ten NGF and encourage other stakeholders to participate and promote the key messages.

OIC-NPC Rose Lulu P. Pagaduan stressed that with this event, people in the urban areas will be able to acquire knowledge and skills in order to improve their nutritional status through good nutrition and healthy lifestyle practices especially among the vulnerable groups like infants, preschoolers, school children, pregnant and lactating mothers and even the senior citizens.

The NGF Caravan consisted of various activities to highlight the messages especially message number 10- “Be physically active, make healthy food choices, manage stress, avoid alcoholic beverages and do not smoke to help prevent lifestyle-related non communicable diseases.” Lecture-discussions on the healthy lifestyle campaign and Promotion of Good Nutrition as well as distribution of fortified foods products, hygiene kits and NGF promotional materials were distributed to all the participants.

Different sectors of the society like the mothers of 0-2 years old children, 4P’s Beneficiaries, Barangay Nutrition Scholars, Barangay Health Workers, Government Employees, Senior Citizens including Local Officials actively participated during the event and they committed  to support, promote, advocate and practice the 10 Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos.

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Region I PIRThe National Nutrition Council LUpang Ilocos led by OIC-NPC Rose Lulu P. Pagaduan conducted the NNC Secretariat Year-End Program Implementation Review on December 20, 2013 at Kultura Splash Wave, Pugo, La Union. This is to assess the regional office operations for the year 2013.

The conduct of the year-end Program Implementation Review (PIR) is necessary as it is a summative evaluation process to assess what have been done for the year as secretariat to the Regional Nutrition Committee. A review of the accomplishments vis-à-vis set targets on the Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition-1st Semester Report, Status of Webpage updating, Local Media and Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos Communication and Advocacy Plan and the NNC Secretariat Accomplishment Report were tackled.

Also, a workshop on the facilitating and deterring factors including recommendations were made as basis for improving future work performance. Strengths and weaknesses including corresponding recommendations to further improve regional operations were done as well as sharing of learning experiences/best practices on program implementation. The activity also served as a venue to foster camaraderie, rapport and teamwork among employees of the regional office.

In closing, OIC NPC Pagaduan informed the group on the next steps and enjoined everyone to continue striving for the best to eradicate malnutrition and sustain the gains in the implementation of the Nutrition Programs in Region I.

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RLNAOsCity of San Fernando, La Union - The League of Nutrition Action Officers, Region I, Inc. headed by its President, Mr. Floramante I. Yadao, MNAO of Agno, Pangasinan including its officers and OIC-Nutrition Program Coordinator, Ms. Rose Lulu P. Pagaduan  as adviser/consultant turned over ten (10) newly procured laptops to the performing Local Government Units through their respective Provincial and City Nutrition Action Officers (P/CNAOs) during the Regional Nutrition Awarding Ceremony held on December 6, 2013 at the Oasis Country Resort & Hotel, Sevilla, San Fernando City, La Union.

In several meetings, the project was at last approved by the Board because the project is laudable. It was a consensus among the officers and members of the regional league. Most of them agreed with the suggestion because they really need it for easy generation and timely submission of reports like OPT Results, PPAN Accomplishment Reports, BNS Directory or masterlist, Nutrition Month Documentation Reports, and other related documents relative to the implementation of local nutrition program. The project was realized because of the regional league’s fund which has been generated since its organization in June 1994.

The awarding of laptops was part of the Special Awards presented during the Regional Nutrition Awarding Ceremony to the four (4) Provinces namely Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, Pangasinan, and La Union including six (6) selected performing Cities namely Batac, Candon, Laoag, San Fernando, Vigan and Urdaneta.

The NNC-Regional Office I is looking forward that generation of nutrition reports from LGUs this time will be made easier and faster. 

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