The National Nutrition Council, is mandated among others, to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the country‚Äôs food and nutrition program, the Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition (PPAN).  Toward this mandate, the interagency NNC annually conducts the Monitoring and Evaluation of Local Level Plan Implementation or MELLPI since 1978.  It aims to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of local governments in planning and implementing local nutrition programs.  Likewise, in conjunction with the MELLPI, the NNC also evaluates the performance of the Barangay Nutrition Scholars (BNS).  The BNSs are the barangay-based volunteers tasked to coordinate the delivery of basic nutrition and related services in their respective area of assigments.  Both the MELLPI and BNS evaluation are institutionalized activities since 1979 of the national and local nutrition committees.

Recognition and Incentives System

The MELLPI and BNS Evaluation culminate with the recognition of LGUs and BNSs with exemplary performance in nutrition program management and delivery of nutrition services, respectively.  Recognition comes in the form of incentives/awards such as the Green Banner AwardConsistent Regional Outstanding Winner in Nutrition (CROWN), Nutrition Honor Award (NHA) and the National Outstanding BNS.


 ppan iconThe Green Banner Award is given to a municipality, city or province, which has shown very satisfactory performance in implementing its nutrition program.  An area awarded the Green Banner for 3 consecutive years as outstanding regional winner automatically is awarded the CROWN Award.

nnc crownThe CROWN awardees are then visited by a National Nutrition Evaluation Team for three consecutive years to check whether their efforts in maintaining a downward trend of malnutrition are sustained through a well-coordinated plan implementation.

nnc nha trophyRecipients of the CROWN Award qualify to vie for the Nutrition Honor Award, the highest award given by NNC to outstanding achievers in nutrition program implementation for another 3 consecutive years.

Trophies and cash prizes are granted to the winners. Cash awards in the amount of P 250,000, P 500,000 and P100,000 are granted to CROWN, NHA, and NOBNS, respectively.

To date, the Council has awarded the CROWN award to 145 LGUs and the NHA to 45 LGUs.  The cash awards provided to the winners plowed back to the nutrition funds as LGUs used the cash incentives for nutrition and nutrition-related activities.  On the other hand, 16 BNSs have been proclaimed NOBNS since 1997.









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